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    Question Installing Deployant Clasp

    I want to change the strap on my Jazzmaster Power Reserve, but keep the deployant clasp.

    Is this an easy install and does anyone have an instructional?

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    Re: Installing Deployant Clasp

    Do you have any pics? Would be a big help, cheers!

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    Re: Installing Deployant Clasp

    I just did this on a gold-plated quartz khaki navy frogman that has 18/16mm lugs/buckle dimensions. If you have really good eyes, I'd say it's not too difficult if you are careful and take your time. If not (me), it takes a lot of patience. I think I spent about 30 minutes but I'm happy with the results.

    The main issues in my case were:

    1. Be sure to select a strap that wasn't too thick on the watch-end to fit through the retainer ring thingy. Most straps clearly advertise the width (which is obviously key), but the thickness is important too, depending on your deployant! My original band (and therefore the opening that accepts the watch-end of the strap) was only about 3mm thick which limited my choices somewhat.

    2. Be sure to have two *really* tiny screwdrivers to remove the threaded pin from the buckle-end of the strap. The ones I had in my watch tool kit were about 0.5mm wider than the slots on this fastener. I ended up having to file them down slightly so that there were narrow enough to fit inside the slots.

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