with interchangeable bazel? ;)

Thread: with interchangeable bazel? ;)

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    with interchangeable bazel? ;)

    Hey Guys im looking for a watch with a "interchangeable bazel" i know you all gonna say "Rami Go google it"

    but i actually tried and i only found very few watches, that had this option

    i only found
    Fossil LE1002
    Marc Ecko (Some models)

    There Must Be more Brands That has This option

    thanks anyways
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    Re: with interchangeable bazel? ;)

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    Re: with interchangeable bazel? ;)

    There are tons of watches where the bezel can be changed, but it is just not advertised as a feature. Most of the time, it is just finding watches that are the same exact case design, but are just different colors. For example, if you have a Seiko 007, you can put a bezel on it from the 009, and vice versa.

    And furthermore, there are some aftermarket bezel designs for the 007/009 from people like Yobokies and MCWW.

    Another avenue to play around with is bezel inserts. Most bezels use an insert that can be changed out. And you just need to find another that is the same size, which may be easier than it sounds, and may the swap.


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    Re: with interchangeable bazel? ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by LH2 View Post
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