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    Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    Hey all,

    Creating this thread to see what's the purchase interval of each watches you own. I myself started my first purchase in 2011. Nothing for the next few years, but in 2014, I picked up 2 watches, 3 months apart. Now in 2016, I am itching for another.

    Do you have a disciplined way of managing your collection or hobby? Or you simply buy whenever you feel like it? I certainly hope I have budgets like the latter
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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    I buy whenever I see a watch that I like much. The average over the last 50 years (first purchase 1963) has been approx 2.5 WPY.

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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    When I read the title I expected to find options like "weeks" or "months"..

    Thankfully I keep a detailed statistic of my watch buying/selling (and wearing) habits. My average over the past four years was 31 days, with all sorts of intervals between under 1 day and 196 days. But of course I don't keep every watch I buy..

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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    If you stay with this 'hobby', you'll find that the intervals between buying watches will tend to lengthen because:
    (a) you run out of money, or
    (b) you realise that there are fewer and fewer genuine choices given your current likes/dislikes and budget, or
    (c) you have a wife/girlfriend/SO and/or kids, or
    (d) all of the above

    On the other hand, many folks will just buy any expensive and well-marketed tat that takes their fancy whenever they want 'cos we're hard-wired to spend obscene amounts of money on useless stuff from birth in the desperate hope that it will make us a little less miserable.
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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    Three months separated the first three. (Tag 2000, Rolex Sub & B&M Capeland)
    Then another 2 years later. (Omega Seamaster)
    The next was 11 years after that with another a few weeks later. (Breitling Transocean Day & Date & Tissot Ballade III)
    The following year saw another three. (Tag F1 Calibre 16, GV2 & Zenith Elite)
    So far this year, only 1, but it was expensive (for me), so that is probably it for the year. (JLC Grande Reverso Duo)

    in fact, I find myself focusing on 4 watches as my primary rotation and am not sure what I would add next were I of a mind to. I suppose the new Omega Globemaster would be worth a look, but I suspect it is thicker than I prefer.
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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    I don't think I have a set interval. For me it comes down to what I like and can I get it. The last 2 years I really had a big buying stint boosting my collection by collection by around 8 or so. This year things are different. I am now working for myself and building my consultancy business so that takes priority. I should, whilst doing this, stay away from watch forums because the wish list does not stop growing but it is giving me the impetus to make it work to achieve some watch targets

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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    When I first started this collecting/obsession it was a purchase virtually very month (cheaper end of the scale).

    Now that my collection is just about perfect for me I tend to buy maybe once a year, but it has to be a watch that is STANDOUT and not a mass produced one.

    As I said, when I first started it got silly and I learnt I was spending for the sake of spending.

    Now the money I save on the less expensive watches is put toward that one special acquisition per year.

    Sort of semi affordable, anything from $1000 to $3000.

    Took me a while to learn though, but feel far happier where I am now.
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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    I just got into watches last year and in April I bought a Seiko Kinetic direct drive, 2 months later Longines HC Chrono, few weeks after a G shock, and a Sub C in Nov, I'll probably buy another watch next year

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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    I typically average a new watch every two years, but I've picked up 4 watches including two on my bucket list this month. I need to stay away from this place.
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    Re: Intervals Between Each Watch Purchase

    Tend to buy a few a year, sometimes as close as within the same week or so...

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