Introducing myself and looking for my next watch
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Thread: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

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    Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    Always wanted to sign up for this forum, long time enthousiast.
    Currently I work at a AD with beautiful brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Omega and Cartier.
    An amazing job, because you're always surrounded by the newest watches and truly exceptional pieces.
    So that brings me to this, I currently own a Tudor Black Bay ETA, which I'm selling to make room for my next watch.
    Budget is around 4.5K EUR. I was looking at the Rolex Explorer I, the Explorer II (16570) and the 'new' Seamaster 300m.
    Do you guys have any recommendations? Love to hear how the Seamaster would compare to the Explorer. On paper, the Omega looks better than the Rolex. But as many of you know, the crown has its charm that no other brand has...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    welcome aboard
    great to have a jeweller from a quality AD here bringing insider insight to many questions we often have
    Your budget wouldnt stretch to the watches you mentioned, although working at an AD presumably you will get generous employee discount
    I think the Omega offers a great deal for the money - but there's something very special about that Rollie -
    Depending on size of your wrist, Explorer 1 or 11
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    Re: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    What other watches do you have?

    Charm is not a word I would use for Rolex. Their models are anything but. What they do have is prestige, value retention and great build quality. If you are looking for charm, then something from GS, such as the Snowflake, has it in abundance, more so than any steel Rolex sports watch, and I really like Rolex.

    If you are looking for a watch for most occasions, then the Explorer is your best option.

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    Re: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    My view is biased, but Iíll share anyway.
    I recommend the Rolex Explorer I, so long as you donít find yourself at risk in your surroundings (from thieves who are trained to recognize and rob you of your Rolex). It is as close to a perfect Go Anywhere Do Anything watch as there is. Rolex offers great durability, reliability, accuracy, and value retention.
    My view is biased due to personal experiences that will differ from others. I have had over 20 Rolexes at different times, and all kept good time. This is amazing given that one of my Oysterdate models had a bent axle that caused the rotor to shave off bits of the movement plates into the movement.
    On the other side, I had two Omegas that needed nine service repairs over the seven years I owned them. A third Omega literally broke as I examined it in an Omega boutique. Iíll never buy another Omega unless itís a vintage Speedmaster (and Iíve won the lottery).

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    Re: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    Another vote for the Explorer. One of the best overall watches ever made, IMHO.

    I would take one in a second over an Omega.
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    Re: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    Welcome to the fun. I think I’d go for the Exp II though to be fair the Omega is very nice looking.

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    Re: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    Normally I'd recommend going to an AD and trying them on, but I don't think you have that issue!

    I think of the Omega Seamaster as a nice compromise between diver/toolwatch and a bezel-less dressy/casual watch like the Explorer. The Seamaster has the added sportiness and visual interest of the bezel, but in a lower profile, sleeker shape than most divers. At 13.5mm, the Omega is just a bit thicker than your Tudor BB ETA, but it still looks more likely to fit under a cuff with the downward sloping bezel.

    IMO, it comes down to how they wear for you. But if you're looking for a different angle from which to approach it- What kind of watch do you want? A diver (Exp ii)? A smart/casual "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" watch (Exp)? Or a nice compromise between the two (Seamaster)?

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    Re: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    I’m a total convert to the idea that buying a Submariner (albeit for €1.5k more) is the most sensible way forward.

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    Can’t go wrong with Rolex I would go Explorer.

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    Re: Introducing myself and looking for my next watch

    welcome ..exp ii polar dial by miles and miles..

    but its your wrist so whichever sits best.

    i assume you have all these models at your disposal to try on at work??

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