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    Dear members, readers,

    Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Roland Oostwegel, goldsmith from The Netherlands.

    Mr. Oostwegel has been working on the R.O.1 Shock System since 2005 and has released the first collection housing this innovation in 2009.

    The Shock System exists of 3 Shock-Swing springs attached to the case. It are these 3 springs that absorb shocks and bumps from outside.

    The R.O.1 collection is produced in limited quantities only (9 in platinum, 50 in gold and 200 in steel). Every single watch has a unique number and customizations are possible (different dial color, painted dials).

    Related link:

    Unfortunately the R.O.1 website is in Dutch only, but please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I'll be happy to try and translate for you.
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    Best regards,

    Ernie Romers
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    Re: Introducing R.O.1 Shock System

    I like the case style but the lack of Arabic or Roman numerals just doesn't do it for me with this watch collection.

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