An introduction from a Newbie
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Thread: An introduction from a Newbie

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    An introduction from a Newbie

    Hi all,
    I am new to this forum and would like to introducemyself. I've been searching posts on this forum for about 4 years which is whenI first became interested in vintage watches. It started when I inherited my father’sJW Benson watch which was in a sorry state. I was going to throw it away as itwas not working and one of the lug holes and worn away. I took it to a watchMenders and they opened up the back to show the movement. It was at that pointthat I was hooked into what is now a passion for collecting vintage mechanicalwatches. I was amazed by the intricacy of the workings and the beautiful giltfinish. £200 later I had a fully working watch. The watch is not actually worththat much from a monetary point of view but to me the sentimental value ispriceless.

    Anyway, from then to now I have been collecting watches. Thewatches that interest me the most are Omega and Smiths including the militarymodels of the these watches. I also have a love for the Tudor watches and of courseRolexes although these are too expensive for me to collect!

    I've searched this forum on many occasions for knowledgeabout diagnosing and fixing particular issues with my watches as well asfinding out historical facts etc. and using the forum as a great referenceguide.

    I look forward to posting on the forum and rather than onlyusing it for reference to become involved in discussions and learn fromeverybody on here. I'll post some photos of my collection soon. I've posted thebefore and after of my dad’s watch.


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    Re: An introduction from a Newbie

    Welcome to the forum! Very nice heirloom watch, love the English way of movement finishing. I'd love to see some of your Smiths military watches. I've been tempted many times by the W10s.

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    Re: An introduction from a Newbie

    Welcome to a the forum!
    Very nice vintage piece!
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    Re: An introduction from a Newbie


    I like your style!


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    Re: An introduction from a Newbie

    Welcome to the forums. That is an interesting and very nice looking watch.
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    Re: An introduction from a Newbie

    Welcome, nice watch, love that kind of aesthetic!!
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    Re: An introduction from a Newbie


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    Re: An introduction from a Newbie

    Welcome to the forum mate. I hope you become an enabler to a lot for vintage watch collecting.

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    4 years and vintages. You're hardly a newbie. Perhaps better informed than me.

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    Re: An introduction from a Newbie

    Welcome to the forums. Now where are the pictures of the rest of your collection!?
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