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    Invicta 9938 upgrades.......

    Been a long time, so I figured I'd start this post out with some pics.

    I just don't get over here as much from PMWF as I should! Ever since this new format I've been away more. But I miss ya guys!

    I hope PMW's are still ok to post on the main forum here, as the Invicta Forum isn't on here anymore.

    I took this newly updated 9938 and made some improvements of my own. I had NEWW put on new, wider, Yachtmaster styled hands, and then also added a nice second pointer.

    I gotta say, Invicta does the 9938 right in other ways though. Bracelet and clasp are awesome, movement is now 26 jewels with a blued and skeletonized rotor. NEWW also regulated the movement for me, so now it's spot on.

    Hope you like the pics!


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    Re: Invicta 9938 upgrades.......

    Quote Originally Posted by MeOmegaMan View Post
    I hope PMW's are still ok to post on the main forum here, as the Invicta Forum isn't on here anymore.
    Hi Omegaman
    That´s what I hope too. You´ll find more Invicta related posts on our "Affordable Watches Forum"

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    Question I guess I'm going to stir things up a bit....

    But why isn't a brand like Invicta ripped apart for knocking off Rolex's like other brands that are posted here?
    Greetings from that Island they call Long!

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