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    Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    Hey guys, pretty new to the watch world. I'm 28, always had an interest in high end watches, but thought it was a little ridiculous to spend 8-10,000 on a watch I really liked. I found a watch that really catches my eye for $3500.00 and it appeals to me more than a Rolex or Breitling. I really like the looks of it, but how is the build quality on that particular Invicta? Will it hold it's value over the years? Thanks for your input in advance.

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    Re: Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    No, no, no.

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    Re: Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    Here we go again.

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    Re: Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    Not sure if trolling or actually wanting to invest in Invicta? If you aren't in all seriousness I say don't buy that Invicta. Their quality control and customer service are some of the worst in the watch business. They make so many watches that are bad replicas and put a huge MSRP sticker on it and then knock it down for literally 80-90% off. If it gets broken they'll say it's your fault and not want to replace your watch.

    For 3500 you can get yourself an Omega speedmaster or seamaster for a lot better value that will last you for a lot longer. Also there are other options such as Hamilton, Tissot, or even an Eco-Drive by Citizen and you can put the money towards bills after buying a Citizen. Check out a used Rolex or Breitling. Being a Movado collector I'll take a 3500 automatic Movado over a 3500 chinese movement Invicta any day.

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    A lot of amazing watches for $3500. Even an automatic omega sea master on the gray market. Please don't buy that invicta!!!

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    Re: Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    Is $3500.00 the retail price? If so, wait until it come to the Home Shopping Network where it should get discounted by around 85%. That would be a DEAL!

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    Re: Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    a quick search:
    MSRP of $9000.00,
    on sale at discountwatchstore (huh??) for 4500 ... (I couldnt find the item on other well respected online shops)
    I think there's one on ebay for 3800 ...

    and you said you could get it for 3500 ...

    do you see the pattern here?

    that pattern above would raise a lot of red flags for me, especially for a brand famous/infamous for over-inflated MSRP, and as such, their claim of 'limited edition' really has no weight for me either (if you think about it, all watches are practically limited edition - some are just more limited than others)

    so, if a good friend comes to me and asked the exact same question, my answer would be to wait it out a little longer,
    personally I dont think it will hold its value well,

    but if you really, really like the watch and can spend the money, go see it in person first, check it out, test it, then go and see other watches of similar value and do some comparison and see for yourself how comparable they are,

    bottom line it's your money, it's your call

    but knowing its history and marketing ploy, I wouldnt go near it
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    Re: Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    GO for it! That's a very fair price. It's an Heirloom.

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    Re: Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    Buy two and post here.

    And enough with the trolling already.
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    Invicta Jason Taylor Black 12957

    Get it quick I heard they are selling out
    Just in case your serious, please don't!
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