Isofrane Dive Strap Review

First Impressions: (9/10)
The strap arrived in very nice but at the same very compact and efficient packaging. Taking the strap I noticed it has a very high degree of precision in all the holes and the overall texture is very smooth with a few very fine specks, much like the stock photo used on their website. Putting it on any watch is a breeze, and it has just enough bend it in that it won't damage the strap or the lugs if you are an amateur.

Comfort: (10/10)
The best part about this strap is the comfort it provides. Have the new Oyster bracelet with Guidelock is nice, but this strap is easily more comfortable on those hot and humid days. On days like that my Oyster bracelet tends to collect moisture and I wear my bracelet loose so if it slides down it is very uncomfortable. When I'm wearing the Isofrane, I can wear my watch tight and it doesn't move around at all, and that's just how I like to wear my watches but it's not always possible with a bracelet. It's also much more comfortable if you plan on getting wet, and while the Oyster bracelet is nice it can't beat a rubber strap for diving or even swimming.

Quality: (9.5/10)
I can honestly say I don't know where you could find a higher quality rubber strap. The only thing I can complain about is that the marks from production on the side of the strap are slightly noticeable. Aside from that, everything is cut perfectly: the ridges, the wholes, all the tiny details are very well done considering the strap is made of rubber. The buckle on mine is the RS version and is a very nice touch, I really do like the way it curves in and back out. It gives it a unique touch, and the branding is on the bottom of the buckle, which makes it feel almost generic but at the same time, I don't want a brand name looking up at me from a diver's strap. Definitely consider upgrading to the RS buckle over the standard, but I'm not sure if it's extra charge or not. I have to mention that the rubber used is fairly hard but still has very nice stretch to it (pulling it with considerable force I can pull the strap to length and a half). This is very important to me since this is really where the comfort comes from, is the ability of the watch to sit snug but comfortably. Make sure to take that into account if you are considering purchasing this or any other rubber strap.

Verdict: 95%
Priced at just over $100, these straps are perfect for those looking to upgrade the comfort of their watch this summer, especially for water related activities. And if in the end you decide not to keep it, they have great resale value here on the forum. The strap stays in good condition even after rough use, so if you want lasting quality these are your right choice. I should also mention that I go these with the diver's extension, and while not particularly useful for me, I can definitely see how it would benefit anyone planning on diving over a wetsuit. They can be had at isofrane dive watch strap made for divers, and I highly recommend you check them out. Definitely a worthy buy.

PS* I only had the ML with me at the time to photograph with, but there are shots on the web of this with a Rolex.