Issue with Victorinox Vintage Infantry Chrono

Thread: Issue with Victorinox Vintage Infantry Chrono

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    Issue with Victorinox Vintage Infantry Chrono

    Hey all,

    I purchased a Swiss Army Vintage Infantry Chronograph late last year intending to use it as an every-day wearer. It has a quartz movement, sapphire crystal, and a reputation for being able to stand up to abuse. I know Swiss Army doesn't exactly have a stranglehold on the watch market but I've been monitoring them for a couple years now and their products have vastly improved, so I decided to give them a shot.

    I love the way the watch looks, but I have had a nightmare with maintenance to say the least. Without dragging this out too long, since October of last year, it has needed to be sent away to three different service locations for 3 separate issues (calibration, second subdial hand fell off, 1/10 subdial hand fell off). I just received the watch from the third round of repairs, and now it is losing time dramatically (about an hour for every 3 hours that passes). I am livid. I understand that I could have spent much more on a watch, but for $650, I expect a swiss made quartz movement to perform much better than this.

    Anyway, I am here to vent a bit and ask for suggestions. I have sent an email directly to Swiss Army voicing my displeasure, and I sent one to the dealer I bought the watch from as well (even though I know it isn't their fault and I am well outside the 30 day return period).

    Does anybody else have any suggestions? I think at this point the least I would accept is a new watch.. there is obviously something quite wrong with this one.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Issue with Victorinox Vintage Infantry Chrono

    Go straight to VSA. The dealer won't be able to do anything for you.
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    How did it get so late so soon?

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