It's like getting a new watch!

Thread: It's like getting a new watch!

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    It's like getting a new watch!

    I just got a very nice stainless steel wrist band from an old Omega (long broken) of my dad's put on my Mondaine. The look is quite different (and I think it's more snazzy, probably because I wanted to buy it with a metal wrist band initially, but the model with a sapphire face only came with black or red leather wrist bands). The feel is also better, it's much more finely adjustable than a leather band (and most metal ones for that matter) even if it's a braided design. It's also slightly flexible sideways so it fits my wrist snugly but not tightly, and I barely feel it on my wrist.

    It's amazing what spending $5.60 to get the band switched does. My dad said he bought the band for SFr. 40.- a couple decades ago, even that would be a good deal.

    I don't have a working computer right now and I'm posting from my phone, but I'll see what I can do about getting some pictures posted.

    It's telling how much of a WIS I am that I get excited over this and feel the need to share it with people who can appreciate my enthusiasm.

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    Re: It's like getting a new watch!

    Cool. Always neat to see how differant straps change the look and feel of a watch.

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