I've gotten the Rolex bug
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Thread: I've gotten the Rolex bug

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    I've gotten the Rolex bug

    Hey guys n gals some of you have seen my post and what gone thru for my 1977 Rolex GMT master 1. But I have a serious question I've got a bad itch for a Daytona and I was wanting your opinion on should I trade my GMT for a newer Daytona?

    I've shown my GMT and have a lot of feedback on price and demand with it being in a temp controlled shelter for the last 30 years has made the bezel ,dial, and tritium flawless. The dial has no fade and looks brand new the printing is crisp perfect. and the tritium and hands match 100% aged tan patina with no bubbles what so ever so I can't say never but the likelihood of me coming up with the 13k initiation fee is bleak to say the least. What do you all think??

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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    Basically yes. Trade whatever you need to in order to get a Daytona.

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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    If you want a Daytona trade it, no sense in keeping a watch just because it's rare if you personally would prefer something different. If it were me I wouldn't do it, but I have never owned a gmt master or a Daytona so my opinion shouldn't mean much

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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    Basically no.
    Your GMT >>>>>> Current Daytona.
    No contest.
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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    If your heart is set on a daytona then trade away.

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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    I'd keep the GMT.

    You should make sure you end up with the watch you will most enjoy. Sounds like that's the Daytona.

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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    To me, No don't trade it. Keep what you have. I have to admit that is kinda nice looking Rolex with bezel colour. That WW2 bund strap really does suits it for your watch.

    I say no. But it is your choice. Good luck.
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    My advice- buy a watch that pleases you. Don't let anyone judge or tell you what to wear. Good cheap and expensive watches are no different between them. Both still can tell the time.

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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    Hell no. You have a stunning vintage tool watch in great shape and w beautiful patina. Why would you trade it for a blinged-out Daytona. Daytona is a nice chrono and all, but there are better chronos honestly (from Speedmaster to ElPrimero), and GMT is just such a purpose focused icon...

    Also w GMT, you have a range of strap options - from bundt to NATO. Daytona is strictly a bracelet watch.
    One final thought - you mentioned your son was in USMC and the GMT creates some connection by tracking the 2nd timezone. Daytona is not going to deliver that.
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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    I had a Sub, now have a GMT-II like yours (although Coke, not Pepsi) and could see adding a Milgauss (green!) and Explorer II to the collection, but to my eye the Daytona is over the top, a little too "look at my Rolex" flashy. I'd say stick with that beauty you already have.
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    Re: I've gotten the Rolex bug

    I won't do it. That GMT is in immaculate condition.

    Daytonas will always be there and the modern ones won't show any age. Keep the GMT and save up for the Daytona if you really want it.

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