I've started a trend in my office!
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Thread: I've started a trend in my office!

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    I've started a trend in my office!

    And some of you won't like it....

    I've gotten a few people into watches, and at least one guy is wearing a watch now when he didn't wear one before (It's the SRP043K2 I sold him). But now, thanks to my NATOs, there are two other guys at the office wearing NATO straps to work! One of them is the same guy with the Spork; his dad bought him one of those overpriced J.Crew Timex watches and a few 18mm NATO straps for it, so now that's his daily wearer. And another guy got NATO envy and bought one for his Montblanc chrono (I think it might be a Timewalker, but I'm not sure. It's a thick one, where the bezel and caseback are wider than the middle of the case).

    Any similar stories on your end?
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    Re: I've started a trend in my office!

    I have also. People now go out of their way to show off their new purchase. I havent figured out a way to tell them they just brought a crappy. A few people asked me about some watches that had stuff like non function chrono's. I told them not to buy it. They ignored me of course. The watches fell apart within 2 weeks.
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    Re: I've started a trend in my office!

    I've recommended watches to friends etc.. and some have bought them, some haven't.
    Those that didn't, bought cheap £5 watches, that almost instantly broke..

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    Way to lead the pack! I've been "A Watch Guy" since I was in elementary school, but I didn't know about NATO straps until a year ago and now they are a reliable part of my collection.

    That is the challenge, isn't it. I've had the same experience. Friends got excited about my watches and without getting my advice, went out and spent money on low quality models, money that would have bought a comparable looking better working watch for the same dime. I don't fault anyone for getting what they like, but not if it's going to fall apart on them.

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    Re: I've started a trend in my office!

    I'm not a fan of Nato's but if it arouses interest in watches then I'm all for it. Unfortunately I've yet to influence anyone in my workplace. I'm sure they all think that spending more than a couple hundred on a watch is insane and I suspect that's their opinion of me, given the look I received when I mentioned how much I paid for my pre-owned Aqua Terra .

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    Re: I've started a trend in my office!

    I like nato's and think they work well on many different type of watches.
    I couldn't start a trend at my work if I tried!
    One guy at my work is a real WIS but he always up's me. His collection basically consists of AP's and IWC's. I show of my Tudor chrono, he shows me his AP Royal Oak Offshore.......that's OK though, I really like seeing what he's got on his wrist when ever I bump into him.

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    Re: I've started a trend in my office!

    haven't gotten anyone in to NATO's, but a friend of mine was looking for a watch & asked me. She was on a budget, so I turned her on to Seiko 5's......her husband wanted to get her some white, blingy Guess watch. She went ahead & got a nice 5, which she is very happy with now.

    She now tells me that she's looking at everyones watch, & was even doing some online window shopping for other watches.....think I may have made her a Jr. WIS.
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    Re: I've started a trend in my office!

    Someone opened Pandora's box... I got my cousin into watches and he says I spoiled him. Before, he used to wear $50 watches that just looked good, you know, like a Skagen, but he can't stop getting watches from independent brands for around $1000!

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    Re: I've started a trend in my office!

    I wish I could talk watches with people at work, but my Coworkers are girls and they really dont seem to care much about them. Every once in a while a patient would wear a nice watch and we would trade a few comments, but they are there for other things and I usually got to move on to the next one pretty soon.

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    Re: I've started a trend in my office!

    I am in Tictoc's position. My coworkers are mostly non-WIS. Many of my customers, OTOH, are into watches at least a little bit. At work, one would take me for a Seiko or Sinn evangelist.

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