IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos
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Thread: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

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    IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    Hello! As some of you may have read in my other thread, I'm looking to purchase my first luxury watch. Although I already had my eye on a watch, but I asked for some suggestions in the previous thread. There were many good suggestions, and I did go and see a few in person at the jewelry store and even at a second hand shop. And one watch did really impress me, so I narrowed it down to these two watches. I have been thinking hard about it, and can't seem to make up my mind.

    First of all; I know these two watches are two completely different designs. But they also have a lot in common; both swiss watches from a well respected brands and both are very easy to read and get the tool watch label. They are also in the same price range.

    My requirements

    - good respected brand with heritage
    - budget, new watch at AD with discount 3 - 4.000€
    - water resistance preferable +100m
    - easy to read time, decent lume
    - not too large (40-42mm max)
    - elegant simple design, no chronograph's or other stuff clogging up the dial
    - not too shiny, will stands up to every day (ab)use
    - should work well with jeans, dress-shirt, jacket for work and occasionally with a suit if needed

    I considered but dismissed: Omega Seamaster Professional, Used Rolex Datejust, Used Rolex Explorer II (16570), Sinn, ... I didn't like the Rolex watches when I saw them on my wrist, the only thing that attracted me was the brand and that my money was "safe (resale value), but I don't think that are good reasons to buy a watch.

    IWC Le Petit Prince (Mark XVIII, ref IW327004)
    Name:  IWC-Mark-XVIII-petit-prince-4.jpg
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    ++ IWC: very well respected brand
    ++ stunning looking watch, great readability
    ++ even though some call this a tool watch, I think it looks very smart and it should work well with a shirt/jacket
    + water resistance, but just 60m
    + has lume, but only on 12-3-6-9 markers (why?? it makes the markers look off compared to the others)
    - Blue dosn't match with everything (not a fan of other dial options)
    - Leather strap not as forgiving as a bracelet (don't think a bracelet works well with this style of watch)

    Tudor Pelagos (25500TN, 25600TN or 25600TNL)
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    ++ I personally love the look of the watch, very modern interpretation of a diver watch with some nice clues to its heritage
    ++ titanium, titanium bracelet, awesome innovative clasp, ceramic bezel
    ++ amazing readability
    ++ water resistance is crazy
    ++ great lume, even in the ceramic bezel
    + respected brand, stands to be on its own more and more
    + 255* first rolex/tudor titanium watch or 256* models, then also first tudor with in house movement
    - very sporty appearance, not as well suited for a suit
    - thick watch +14mm

    If I would go with the Pelagos then I also need to choose a model. I prefer the look of the first one (25500TN) as has a cleaner looking dial and also has the small 3 o"clock marker witch you don't get often and gives a clean balanced dial. Also it is every so slightly thinner (0,5mm), but the prices are pretty high and I think that is a bit silly. But then again, the new models have the in house movement with 70 hours power reserve, and is COSC. Then the LHD version has the roulette dial (love small touches like that) and is a numbered series (might make it more collectable in the long run). In general I'm not a fan of fake lume, so not convince on the LHD version but I must admit they have done a nice job here. It gives the watch a warmer appearance which matches the titanium well. Lastly, although I do get the advantage of the Destro style that the crown doesn't dig into your wrist, I'm still not over that it looks a bit silly if you wear your watch on the left wrist.

    In an ideal world I would get both, but I don't have that budget at the moment. My current watch is a Tissot Powermatic 80 with a grey dial, a modern dress watch. I still love the watch and I have been wearing all the time since I got it (except for swimming or showering I'm always wearing the watch, even while sleeping).

    If I compare the watches, then I have the feeling I'm getting more watch with the (new) Pelagos. Titanium, Ceramic Bezel with lume, Lots of lume, innovative clasp, bracelet, 500m water resistance, (In house movment: COSC certified and 70 hours power reserve). But I must admit I also love the le petit prince and consider IWC to be a much better brand.

    Anything I'm missing? What would you get? (considering this will be a second watch)

    thanks, sorry for the long post, M.

    Somebody asked me about my wirst size, I thought I'd add this information to the first post as most people don't read the whole thread (can't blame you guys). I have a 7" wrist, so not massive but not too skinny either. Usually I try not to go over 40mm, so I was indeed worried about the Pelagos. But when I tried it on, I thought it fit me very well. The IWC definatly feels bigger than the specs say, I don't think I could get away with any bigger size pilot. Here are some shots of the watches om my wrist. You can see my powermatic on the table as well. Aplogies as these are not the best pictures.

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    Last edited by Michielk; November 21st, 2017 at 07:15. Reason: Added wrist pictures of actual watches on my own wrist.

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    Re: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    I have personally tried both of these pieces on at my local AD which carries Rolex, Tudor, IWC, Panerai, Omega, et al. For me the IWC wins for total versatility and I think is a much nicer finished timepiece. Yes, the 60m WR is not fantastic and if it had 100m I doubt it would have added much to the bulk of the case but it is what it is. There are legion of Pelagos fans and I certainly have no doubt that you will receive more up votes for it as WUS is a tool watch/diver loyal forum. The IWC just reeks of pure class IMO and would be my choice as an heirloom watch that will serve you quite well.

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    Re: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    Definitely the Pelagos, amazing bracelet/clasp. The date window is too close to the center on the IWC.

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    Re: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    pelagos gets my vote.

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    Re: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    IWC for me

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    I've had both on. The pelagos like alot of watches was way too big for me. Iwc was an awesome fit, loved it. Iwc all the way, great watch well worth the price imho.
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    Re: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    Tough call, but the IWC just does it for me.

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    Re: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    I'd recommend a Tudor, but then I'm biased. The Pelagos is an excellent watch and I have no criticism of it. I'm happy to wear mine with a shirt in the office and would have no problem wearing it with a suit.

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    I would have thought a Black Bay would also be worth your consideration. It would meet your stated requirements and would be better suited to more formal occasions than the Pelagos (if that is of any concern). The Tudor Black Bay, like the Pelagos, looks great worn with casual attire and is also a really practical versitile watch.

    Name:  Tudor_Black_Bay_M79730_8.JPG
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    Re: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    I'm not a fan of divers, and I don't like the hands on the Pelagos. Both shape and proportion on the hour hand are off, to me. I do like the pilot style. IWC.

    Another option: Nomos Ahoi Aqua, with focus on the Atlantik (dark blue) dial. Or if you want a dial that really stands out, there's the signalrot and signalblau. Nylon strap is standard but it's a very nice nylon. Slightly smaller, the Nomos At Work line is 39. The silvercut finish here, altho there might be a nachtblau or atlantik in there. Can't recall for sure.
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    Re: IWC Le Petit Prince or Tudor Pelagos

    Pelagos. Just built better for the kinds of knocks you might be giving it. IWC is nice but it sounds as if you won't be dressing up very much. Besides, you've got that covered with the Tissot.

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