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    Jargon/Terminology Clearinghouse for teh n00bz


    There's some jargon in these posts I'm having trouble finding. I've actually figured out WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) and Lume (the glow-y stuff on watches when it's dark) on my own. I have some guesses on what makes a watch "hackable" but not 100% sure.

    What would be great would be a "Hey n00b, read this thread first before you start asking questions". Couldn't really find something like that. I know that we can point google at the term in question by using "site:watchuseek.com", but I guess I'm impatient.

    Of course the standard disclaimers apply:
    "I'm new around these parts"
    "Sorry if this is the wrong forum"
    "Don't tase me bro!"

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Jargon/Terminology Clearinghouse for teh n00bz

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    Re: Jargon/Terminology Clearinghouse for teh n00bz

    WIS = Watch Idiot Savant (aka a focused collector)
    Lume = luminescent coating on a dial or hands that glows. Currently the most common lume is a light reactive paint like Super Luminova. A very few companies use continuously glowing radioactive tritium in glass tubes. Previously tritium paint and well before that radium paint were used as lume materials.
    Hacking = The seconds hand (really the entire movement) can be stopped by pulling out the crown. Watch owners who want to align the minute and seconds hand at 12:00 can then do so.
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    Re: Jargon/Terminology Clearinghouse for teh n00bz

    teh n00bz = pwnt U
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