JDM watches with Japanese day display?

Thread: JDM watches with Japanese day display?

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    JDM watches with Japanese day display?

    Hey all,

    I was recently browsing some vintage Orients. Some of the ones with day-of-the-week complications actually displayed the day in Japanese (see pictures).

    Does anybody happen to know of any more JDM watches with day complications written in kanji? I think it's pretty cool as it showcases the heritage of the watch and outwardly marks it as JDM. Unfortunately I searched around a bit for day complication watches on Amazon.co.jp and they all had SUN / MON / TUE so I'm afraid it might be rare.

    I speak business-level Japanese so I don't think it would be pretentious of me to wear one.

    P.s. Are these vintage Orients in the pictures restored? They look a little too good for 1960s models.


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    Re: JDM watches with Japanese day display?

    If you are asking if the dials have been refinished, almost certainly. You are likely to find far more vintage watches with Kanji. When I was last stationed in Japan most of the watches there had English. They love Western culture.

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    Re: JDM watches with Japanese day display?

    Check out Rakuten, Seiya, Watch Tanaka, etc... JDM Seiko 'Presage' with 4R36 should have a bilingual day with English and Kanji:

    But watch out on Rakuten. They have a lot of cool new Seiko 5s with 4R36, but are from non-Japanese and non-North American markets, (maybe Middle East, S America, SE Asia, Eastern Europe?) that are listed as 'Re-Importation' or 'International Parallel Import'. They will have different day languages. I initially thought that they were all JDM, but they're from the different markets.

    For example this cool looking 'International Parallel Import' modern pilot style is listed as having an English and Arabic day:

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