Jobs In The Watch Industry
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Thread: Jobs In The Watch Industry

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    Jobs In The Watch Industry

    Greetings Everyone,

    I am a recent Corporate Finance graduate looking to find a way to gain employment with a brand in the watch industry. I am interested in marketing, finance, design, accounting, press, etc. Really a broad range and would love any advice you guys could give me on how to get my foot in the door somewhere. I am very open to relocating and I understand it is a necessity. I am also more than willing to start out entry-level and work my way up, I am not looking for a handout but just a start!

    On another note, in order to make myself a better candidate I have decided to pick up a new language. I took Latin for five years, French for 2, and German for 1 year. In your opinion and experience, would French or German be more beneficial to me in this industry? I have heard differing opinions and would love some input from this community.

    Lastly, I have been long-time lurker, rare poster and want to say thanks in advance for any information.

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    Re: Jobs In The Watch Industry

    Of all businesses where a Finance degree could be useful why the watch industry?

    You could contact larger watch manufacturers, all of whom will be located somewhere outside the USA.

    You could contact the USA distributors for larger brands as well.

    You could also contact the corporate offices for retailers such as Tourneau.
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    Re: Jobs In The Watch Industry

    French. German is useful, but French will really get you further. That said, those you will be competing with in Switzerland have grown up speaking German, French and the Swiss variant of Italian (they all get it in school in Switzerland). You'll also be competing with financial people from Switzerland. Ouch!

    Getting into the watch industry really means getting into the luxury goods industry. Not easy in the best of times, you'll be facing strong competition from those being downsized etc.

    The luxury goods industry tends to promote from within: you need to research their entry-level positions and work your way up. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice. I am interested in the watch industry as a result of passion and wonder rather than something I had planned to enter into. I still may get an MBA once I have some more experience but for now I would love to be a part of something I am passionate about.

    French sounds like a winner to me as well and I think I was leaning towards that. I will absolutely have to start entry level. No doubt about it.

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    Re: Jobs In The Watch Industry

    Forget the watch industry, use your degree to get a Wolf of Wallstreet type job and then buy all the watches you can ever dream of. Not to worry you'll even have enough left over for coke and hookers.
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