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    After months of intense arduous research, I have decided to get the Junghans Meister kalender. I am thrilled. I saw it early on in my search and it was always the very pinnacle of perfection for me.

    That said, there are no US dealers near me so I need to order online. The cheapest deals are found on Chrono24. Generally speaking, that site is rather reliable right? But I do have to wonder how a dealer in say Spain can charge about a grand less than the Junghans website shop.

    This is important too because - since there are no dealers locally - I won't be able to try it on. The one thing of which I am a little leery, is the thickness. At 12mm it might be too thick for me vis a vis it's diameter which means I might have to send it back.

    Any insight you might provide would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Re: Junghans

    Chrono24 is kind of like eBay - it's a trading platform, but each seller varies.
    12mm is likely not an issue - Junghans watches have a very big dome which takes up a lot of thickness. They wear very slim. (although - while dome is beautiful - it's also completely exposed acrylic and thus subject to scratches)

    Can't comment on pricing, but I suspect that most dealers should be able to sell below MSRP.

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    Re: Junghans

    There are good sellers on Chrono24, but there are also bad sellers. Make sure you do your research on whatever grey market seller you intend to buy from.

    You will also need to make sure you know exactly what their return policy will be.
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    Re: Junghans

    Do some research on "grey-market dealers". Their prices are lower, but the trade-off is that you typically won't get a true manufacturers warranty. Make sure you're aware of the pros (and cons) so you can make an informed purchase.

    Edit: gorgeous watch by the way.
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