Keeping an automatic wound when not wearing it?

Thread: Keeping an automatic wound when not wearing it?

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    Keeping an automatic wound when not wearing it?

    The strap on my Accutron Gemini broke about a week ago so it's not in use while I wait for a replacement strap to come in the mail. Should I just let the watch sit unused or should I wind the crown every day to keep it running?

    If I should keep it running how many turns of the crown should I do every day to ensure that it keeps ticking?


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    Re: Keeping an automatic wound when not wearing it?

    I would say winding the crown daily is your best bet [although if your automatic winds itself down and doesnt move for a few days it's not going to hurt'll just have to re-set harm done].

    Based on the movement I would say anywhere from 15-25 turns of the crown per day... autos have a safety feature that will prevent the mainspring from being over wound...
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    Re: Keeping an automatic wound when not wearing it?

    All my watches (auto & hand wind) sleep in the watch box 'till I wear them. Then it's wind, set and go.


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    Re: Keeping an automatic wound when not wearing it?

    I would recommend winding an automatic watch just enough to get it well started (10 -15 turns), and then wear it or place in a winder.

    In some automatics the stems aren't as solidly supported and flex more than a hand wound when rotated. I learned the hard way when a stem broke from hand winding too frequently.

    The old Seiko auto chronographs had no provision to be started by winding and needed to be rotated to get them going. I'd imagine there were no broken stems.

    It doesn't hurt an automatic to wind down when not in use.

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