Kemmner Watches?

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    Kemmner Watches?

    Anyone have any experience with customer service? Before I embark on the journey to get a marine watch from him, I just wanted to hear any stories regarding transactions. Also, would ya'll say it compares to the steinhart marine 38? I know they arent stowa, but seem good for the value

    thanks and happy holidays!


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    Re: Kemmner Watches?

    Checked our German Watches Forum ? Flick through all the Kemmner threads over there and you will find out that a lot of members aren't happy with after sales service and communications behavior.
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    Re: Kemmner Watches?

    Roland had a stroke over the Summer 2015 so this has not helped. This is a fact.

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    Re: Kemmner Watches?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hicksmat View Post
    Roland had a stroke over the Summer 2015 so this has not helped. This is a fact.
    Oh my... that's... i don't know what to say... Roland's email exchange experience before the delivery of order is the best i ever had with e-tailers, next follows by P.Maier.
    However, i keep seeing new stocks listed up for sale... duh... too bad there isn't anybody from his family taking over the business and overseeing the consistency of the company's operation.
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