Kevlar for Omega PO 42mm 8500

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    Kevlar for Omega PO 42mm 8500

    Sorry. I'm new to this forum so assumed I could just paste in a photo. Once I figure out how to upload a photo I will. In the meantime if you google Ofrei Kevlar for PO you will and the part numbers I speak of.


    I just purchased a 42mm PO 8500 Calibre. Can anyone tell me if this Kevlar strap will fit. The image is of the Omega OME-98000006 ( found on the Ofrei site ) . I have seen a photo online with it on a PO but could not tell from the photo if it was a 2500 or 8500 which is 2mm thicker. Also. I assume since the lugs are 20mm on the PO that the Omega Kevlar strap

    Also. I assume since the lugs are 20mm on the PO that this Omega Kevlar strap OME-98000069 will fit though I would prefer the one above because of the fitted ends.

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    Re: Kevlar for Omega PO 42mm 8500

    Obviously can't see your pics but if it's this one & your POs lug width is 20mm it'll fit:

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    Re: Kevlar for Omega PO 42mm 8500

    Yes this is one of the options. How do you like the strap? Did you get it from Ofrei or an AD?. Nice watch BTW.

    Any help on uploading a pic would be appreciated.


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    Re: Kevlar for Omega PO 42mm 8500

    The easiest way to upload pix is through a photo program like Photobucket, Flickr, etc.

    You can use the search engine on this forum to look for threads that have been posted previously on how to post pictures.
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    Re: Kevlar for Omega PO 42mm 8500

    I saw your other post where you mentioned that you also would consider a leather strap that can be worn in summer.

    I got a Hirsch Leonardo with curved ends for my Perrelet diver. The inner layer of the strap which touches your wrist is rubber, and the outer is a very durable leather. It's supposed to be waterproof. It's quite comfortable, and much cheaper than an Omega strap.

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