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    KISS Drummer WIS

    The December issue of Watch Time magazine has a great interview with drummer Eric Singer currently of KISS. This guy reminds me of so many of us in this forum... heck, he may be a member.

    When the interviewer observed that Singer really seems crazy about watches, Singer responds, "Sometimes I can identfy a person's watch from all the way across the room. I have fun watching old movies on YouTube to find out which watches the actors wore."

    Later in the interview, Singer says, "At home, I like to wear two watches at once. I change them as often as four times a day."

    This guy has a great collection, is very knowledgeable, and has an obvious passion for watches. Great read. Check it out when you have a chance.
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    Re: KISS Drummer WIS

    Couldn't find that story, but found this story about Cristophe Claret, pretty incredible stuff! Besides all of the incredible movements he designed, he's a precision machine tool designer as well. Take a look at the photo of his manufacturing production area!

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    Re: KISS Drummer WIS

    You lie! He doesn't even wear a watch! See for yourself!

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    So what difference does it make, whether it's 20 minutes or 20 years, since neither amounts to the faintest echo of the tiniest whisper in the thunder of time.

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    Re: KISS Drummer WIS

    There was a thread with a link to a video with him talking about Ball watches and the train crash in the early 1900's that started official railroad time. I'll see if I can search it (if the new format allows it).

    EDIT - bingo!: (the video link is at the end in the last post)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ulackfocus View Post
    There was a thread with a link to a video with him talking about Ball watches and the train crash in the early 1900's that started official railroad time. I'll see if I can search it (if the new format allows it).
    WatchTime just ran a story about him. It was a pretty interesting article. I would never take a member of Kiss to be a WIS. There is also a video of him talking about Ball watches on YouTube.

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    Re: KISS Drummer WIS

    I just read that interview with Singer. Very impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge.

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    Re: KISS Drummer WIS

    The video is posted by the Ball USA President Jeff Hess. Here is the link from back stage at Tampa :

    YouTube - KISS drummer Eric Singer talks about Ball watches to Jeff Hess before Tampa, FL concert
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    Re: KISS Drummer WIS

    This is his second interview this year in a watch magazine.
    His collection looks to be stellar and his knowledge is terrific.
    Someone I'd like to meet one day.

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