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    kobold ad

    can you guys tell me if there is a ad for kobold watches or is it possible to go to pittsburg and buy one there at the company ?? thanks,mark

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    Re: kobold ad


    Go to the kobold website and click on "B uying Process". Although there is a jeweler in Pittsburgh who has these watches in the shop, and there may be other AD's, Kobold largely sells watches, and adveritises itself as an internet retailer. Once you buy a watch you are granted a 10-day inspection period. You can return the watch, and get a refund, minus the shipping fee.

    Call them if you have any questions. Don't e-mail, but phone them.

    Good luck!

    God Bless, Liz

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    Re: kobold ad

    Quote Originally Posted by markh View Post
    can you guys tell me if there is a ad for kobold watches or is it possible to go to pittsburg and buy one there at the company ?? thanks,mark
    They ran an ad in The Economist a while back, and I believe that there is one running currently in an established watch magazine (which one, I couldn't tell you).

    As for purchasing, if you want to see one in person before taking the plunge, you can try Henne Jewelers or Kobold's office (both of which are located in, you guessed it, Pittsburgh).

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    Re: kobold ad

    Ok, I am confused, do you mean Authorized Dealer, or Advertisement, you got answers either way, lol.

    My two cents
    For Dealer, there is a local dealer in Pittsburgh that Kobold prefers the locals use. If you are from out of the area, they prefer you visit or visit online the Kobold shop itself. Just call them and ask about seeing some watches. There is another smaller dealer somewhere in California I believe.

    As for advertisements, International Watch Magazine usually runs an ad, as does the Wristwatch annual. Kobold also has some marketing pieces that feature Gandolfini and Fiennes which can be seen (possibly acquired?) from Kobold themselves. I was given a certain poster from them when I visited last month.
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    Re: kobold ad

    There is also a dealer in Philadelphia as well. I am unsure where the other dealers are, but they are rare, with only a few on each coast at most. Perusing their website, you will see that they make buying a Kobold easy to do, with a ability to return a watch should you not like it and return it in the same condition you receive it in.

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