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    Kobold SOA engraving differences

    In the post below about an SOA on Ebay made me discover something. There are 2 differently engraved movements on the SOA.

    1) 2 lines of straight text. This one also seems to have very clear engraving from the movement maker of the 17 jewels, etc....

    2) 3 lines of curved text. This one has very poor visibility of the movment text engraving (17 jewels etc...).

    I have the second one. I really like the look of the curved text, but think it was very poor of Kobold to wipe out the movement text like that.

    My guess is that the first part of the first run, Kobold did the engraving locally or by themselves using existing movements, which wiped out the movement engraving when they did the stripes. Whereas the 2nd group of the first lot they ordered directly from the mfg with the text on it, hence the clear 17 jewels text. That's just a guess. Anyone have any ideas why they would be different? What is yours?

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