"Largeness" of an Omega PO 42 vs Sinn 857 on the wrist?

Thread: "Largeness" of an Omega PO 42 vs Sinn 857 on the wrist?

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    "Largeness" of an Omega PO 42 vs Sinn 857 on the wrist?

    The beloved PO has been sold, and I am (temporarily) watch-less!

    Although the plan post-sale of my Omega Planet Ocean was to find a good deal on a Rolex Explorer II, I'm starting to really take a look at Sinn... Since I need a rugged GMT (sorry, UTC in Sinn-speak) with permanent seconds being of more importance to me than a chronograph function, I am debating between the 856 and 857... Although I like the design of the 857 more... My concern is that the 857 may be too large a watch for me.

    The PO, at 42mm, was definitely big, and I was looking forward to something smaller. That said, it's also quite a bit thicker than the 857... Also, I know that numbers never tell the full story. Sometimes a watch can look large on paper, but wear smaller, or vice versa.

    I should mention that another problem with the PO is that the strap never fit me correctly... Always too loose or too tight. Often, the watch would ride too far down the wrist, and the crown would dig into my hand. This was a problem with my 39mm Omega Aqua Terra as well, I could never get the bracelet right. That said, due to the AT's smaller size, I never experienced the crown digging in. My hope is that the Sinn bracelet will work better for me... Most bracelets and straps do- it seems Omega and I are on different sizing standards, lol... Still, I worry about the 857's 43mm diameter...

    Can someone who has worn both weigh in here? Or maybe someone with wrists around 7"-7.5" post a wrist shot of the 857?

    Lastly, can any of you Sinn-o-philes tell me if I'm somehow overlooking the perfect model in my focus on the 856 and 857? For instance, I'd LOVE something like the 857 in a 40mm case... I love that 756, but can't get over the lack of permanent seconds (I know I can just run the chrono feature, but that would bug me)...
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