Legal questions about Replicas.

Thread: Legal questions about Replicas.

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    Legal questions about Replicas.

    I have searched but found no info on this. Every time I get into studying about different movements, I always find myself reading about the replicas. I have no interst in a replica, I'm just curious about them. I see they have three main examples of value. The cheapest being chinese made, usually quartz. The second being japanese made and decent, and the third being the real swiss movements. Of course all these "sites" try to sell you on a top of the line replica near the $1K mark. I almost get the impression that the cheaper bottom two on the totem pole ar the ones that the manufacturers go after, and then it is somehow okay to sell a nice top of the line replica. My question is this..How is it even legal for them to sell any of them? Do the real manufacturers even try to go after these people?? I realize this has probably been asked a gazillion times..sorry for that if so.

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    Re: Legal questions about Replicas.

    All replicas are illegal when they infringe upon manufacturer's copyrights.

    The manufacturers probably go after those with the most volume, and the cheaper ones often have the most volume. But make no mistake - they are all illegal.

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    Re: Legal questions about Replicas.

    As those companies are based in China, nobody can reach them legally. As far as I understand, the Chinese governing body is not interested. Which I understand, as they do bring much needed revenue and jobs to China.

    If you are discussing outright Fakes, please be aware that this subject is taboo here on WUS.

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    Re: Legal questions about Replicas.

    As others have said above, no discussion of replicas/fakes allowed on WUS. Don't ask me why, its just the rules. Thread closed.

    At the risk of adding a comment, all reps are illegal. And some companies do go after them. How that for a blanket answer.
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