Let's celebrate Quartz!
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Thread: Let's celebrate Quartz!

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    Let's celebrate Quartz!

    Hello WUS. Here's your chance to share your favourite quartz watches, the underdogs of the watch enthusiast world. I've got nothing against quartz, except when they are hideously overpriced for no good reason. You could say the same about a fair few mechanicals, I know, but given the uber-cheapness of many quartz movements it seems even more of an insult.

    I occasionally rock a quartz Seiko Tuna MM, and its high-torque movement is pretty interesting from a technical PoV. I also own a very reliable Traser which for many years was my daily beater, and tritium technology adds to the package. And, right now, I quite like a number of quartz Lum-Tec 'Combat B' models. I guess this thread, therefore, is a celebration of quartz. Yes, this tiny vibrating mineral-driven engine, invented by Seiko and which remains probably the world's most ubiquitous horological power-source.

    The rules.

    If you want to play, nominate what you think is:

    (a) The best high-end quartz, for whatever reason (accuracy, movement, styling etc). High-end, for the sake of argument, in this instance means over 1500 USD and doesn't include Spring Drives (this is about quartz, dammit, pure QUARTZ not fancy hybrids... including Kinetic, mecha-quartz or Ecodrive).

    (b) The best affordable quartz (i.e. under 1500 USD). If you want, make it specific to your lifestyle, i.e. it could be a dress watch, a beater or something specific to your job or hobbies.

    (c) The best HAQ (High-Accuracy Quartz) for those of us who want to get there EXACTLY ON TIME. Probably in a space shuttle or something.

    Watches can be analogue, digi, ana-digi, chronographs, radio-controlled... anything, as long as it's got a battery!

    Am really looking forward to see what you guys come up with.



    Oh, and pictures... here's one of my favourite top-end quartz watches... the Breitling Aerospace Evo Night Mission.

    Name:  Breitling-Aerospace-EVO-Night-Mission-thumb-1245x830-26458.jpg
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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    I only own 1 quartz watch, very affordable. I refuse to pay north of $200 for a quartz watch. Mine was $20 and I don't know why I bought it since I never wear it.

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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    Celebrate Quartz????

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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    I'll expand on my original post but keep it vintage.
    First Solar Powered analog from 1976. Still affordable if you can find them. This one was under $100 AUD.

    For high end its hard not to go past Patek Philippe and the Beta 21 from 1970.

    Mathew Bain

    High accuracy belongs to Omega Constellation Megaquartz oscillating at 2.359.296. times per second.


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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    I do like the look of that and admire the price!

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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    Best high-end : Grand Seiko SBGV009. Beautifully designed; accurate; assembled by hand; finished to an extraordinary level; and replete with an annoyingly out-dated movement.
    Best budget : Casio F-91W. Cheap as chips; sturdy; reliable; iconic.
    Best HAQ : Citizen Exceed EBJ74. Solar power; perpetual calendar; independently adjustable hour hand; +/- 10 SPY.

    Name:  MVIMG_20180301_201450.jpg
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    The 4.19 MHz Collection
    Casio - SP-400, module 75
    Casio - SP-410, module 75
    Casio - SP-400G, module 75
    Citizen - Crystron 4 Mega, cal. 7370
    Citizen - Exceed 4 Mega, cal. 1730 SOLD
    Junghans - Prototype, cal. 667.20
    Junghans - MegaQuarz, cal. 667.26 SOLD
    Omega - Prototype, cal. 1522

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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    I'll play

    A) high end Campanola Cosmosign, probably the most detailed and interesting dial with a remarkable complication

    B) affordable would be the Bulova Precisionist chronograph, simply no other watch replicates what it does, ticking chronograph and sweep second hand on demand, with analog .1, .01, .001 timing display.

    C) if you want HAQ take your pick affordable, get an Apple watch, want to spend big bucks grab a Breitling B50, 55, or 60. All of them keep great time, and set it better than a human ever could.

    No particular category but the Citizen RC Nighthawk and Skyhawk are kind of iconic, the Seiko Aston carries accuracy and technology of RX for the brand nicely, and the Casio Oceanus line is sophisticated in its tech and are really attractive.
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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    Best affordable: Citizen Nighthawk, because it works so well despite a busy dial

    Name:  D69C46A7-12C9-45EB-92C9-AE6EEEE23604.jpeg
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    Best afforable HAQ: Certina DS-2, because it really is a true high-accuracy movement

    Name:  480D1C23-7CBF-45E8-8F95-B95D7142F933.jpeg
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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    Thanks for posting this topic....it will generate some new ideas for me for sure!! :)
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    Re: Let's celebrate Quartz!

    I had 2 of these watches, one cream one black.

    Name:  Alpinist0581.JPG
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    They can be quite expensive and are somewhat rare I'd say. I regret selling them. They are HAQ movements and were sorta cool.

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