Levels of Watch "Affection"
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Thread: Levels of Watch "Affection"

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    Levels of Watch "Affection"

    I'm slowly working on how to decide/qualify which watches I keep and which ones go... and I'm trying to be very strict about it. For me there are 7 levels of watch "affection", right now my rule is any watch falling outside of categories 1-4 are watches that need to go. I imagine the reasons for watches to sit in each categories will be very different for each person. For me I can tell you that $$ value plays absolutely no role, it's about the watch itself...:

    1. Precious: This is the highest level of love. It is impossible to qualify a watch in this category in the beginning of ownership, because when you're in that honeymoon phase all watches feel a bit of this level of affection. This is the watch that if something were to happen to it, you would be devastated .. you would undertake all unreasonable measures to repair or replace...

    2. Elite: Simply put, when you put this watch on you think to yourself... you know... I could be happy with just this watch.

    3. Sentimental: This is a watch that holds sentimental value... you may or may not LOVE the watch itself at levels 1 or 2 above... but the sentimental value behind it means you'll never get rid of it. Watches given to me by my wife, or to mark a special occasion fall here. These watches often get little wrist time... but it's as important to simply own them as it is to wear them.

    4. Fantastic watch: Everytime I put this level on.... I think... holy crap this is a nice watch, man why don't I wear it more often? If this watch were to be lost, stolen or sold... you'd be ok. But you'd certainly miss the watch, and speak highly of it to anyone who would ask or be interested.

    5. Nice watch: Wow this watch is really nice for what I paid for it... or wow this is a really interesting piece when you consider the history.. or something along those lines. Usually this is the watch I'm thinking about selling, but contemplating keeping just because it's such a nice watch. Even if I don't LOVE it.

    6. Bubble: These are watches really on the way out... I'm trying different straps, I'm asking for opinions, I'm checking the pre-owned market to see how many dollars it could yield.

    7. Oops: These are watches that you know immediately aren't right. For me they get classified as a mistake and I try to offload them as fast as I can.

    Watches in category 6-7 you have to be careful... just like the honeymoon phase for new watches... there's an immediate letdown right after the honeymoon for many watches. I feel like you really have to give the piece some time before you qualify it as a 6 or a 7.
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    Re: Levels of Watch "Affection"

    BTW here's how I qualify my current collection:

    1. Precious:
    Montblanc Twinfly Flyback Chronograph (Still a bit in the honeymoon, but there's no question where this watch sits for me)
    2. Elite:
    Ball EMII Diver Worldtime
    Dievas Focal
    Bremont Alt1-Z
    3. Sentimental:
    Oris XXL Pointer Day
    Oris Artelier Pointer Day
    Bulova Marine Star
    Orient Ray
    4. Fantastic Watch
    Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro
    5. Nice Watch
    Ebel 1911 BTR GMT
    Steinhart MCII Arabic(Gone)
    Steinhart Ocean 2 (Gone)
    6. Bubble:
    Hamilton Khaki Officer Auto (Gone)
    Orient Vintage (Gone)
    7. Oops
    Parnis "Portuguese" (Gone)
    Orient Sparta (Gone)
    Parnis Not-sure-what-to-call-it (Gone)

    Still in the Honeymoon:
    Oris Aquis Date (Blue) this one could end up in either Elite or Fantastic.... haven't quite decided yet.. leaning towards Fantastic at the moment.

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    Re: Levels of Watch "Affection"

    I only have 5 levels:

    1. Precious. Love for the watch transcends its monetary value.

    * Ocean 7 LM-5 Quartz Chrono Blue (bought a week ago)

    2. Great. Really like the watch.

    * TAG Heuer Chronotimer
    * Steinhart Ocean 2 Blue
    * Orient Star Classic White
    * Lum-Tec M23 Blue/Orange

    3. Moderate like. Happy to hang onto it for now, but may sell later if required.

    * Orient Star Classic Retrograde Rose Gold
    * Ocean7 LM-5 Auto Black
    * Sea-gull Dress Watch Rose Gold Markers
    * Oris Diver Date
    * Android Infini Tungsten
    * Seiko Orange Monster

    4. Like but willing to sell. I would hang onto the watch if I had lots of money, but the urge to buy another watch is overpowering.

    * Seiko Cocktail Time (sold)
    * Seiko Fifty Fathoms (sold)
    * Oris Titan 'C' (sold)
    * Seagull Dress Watch 177S (sold)
    * Accutron VX-200 Chrono (sold)
    * Lum-Tec M27 Tungsten GMT (sold)
    * Lum-Tec M25 Tungsten Grey/White (sold)
    * Deep Blue Alphamarine (sold) ~ too damn big

    5. Ooops. Yeah, didn't bond with these at all.

    * Lumzilla (sold) ~ too damn big and unwanted attention magnet
    * Lum-Tec M7 Tungsten (sold) ~ dial looks lovely in photos, but in real life it looks like I fed some coarse grain superluminova paper through my printer. I was the 3rd owner and the last time I checked, the guy I sold it to had it up for sale.
    * Sottomarino Italia Ceramico ~ gave it away to someone who liked it
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    Re: Levels of Watch "Affection"

    Honeymoon -- love everything about the piece. I see no flaws -- yet.
    Sinn 556i (This watch is becoming my daily wearer. I've been wearing it for three weeks now. I love its simplicity and size.)

    Sentimental Value -- will never sell these.
    Seiko SCVS009 (My first automatic ever. Bought over a year ago on eBay)
    Generic quartz mall Seiko (first daily wearer, which was worn for over 5 years. Now retired. Wore before becoming a WIS).

    The one -- if I were to own one watch it'd be this one:
    Hamilton Khaki King (Watch fits perfectly on my wrist. It's like that one pair of jeans you wear the hell out of because they're so comfy.)

    Fantastic -- Awesome piece, but isn't worn daily. Most likely keeping it.
    Seiko Tuna SBBN015 (Love this watch, but it's a little too tall for everyday use. Fits snugly though on my small wrists. Usually wear it when I feel like popping something bolder on the wrist).

    Like but willing to sell -- most likely hitting the sales section soon.

    Seiko MM300 (This was my grail, and it's a fantastic watch. With the Tuna SBBN015, however, I'm willing to let one Marinemaster go so that I can try out new watches. Despite being wearable on my wrist, it just doesn't look right -- the watch head overwhelms my wrist, which is something I only realized long after the honeymoon period.)

    Whatever tier:
    Timex Ironman (I have no attachment to this piece, but I wear it whenever I'm working out. Useful for gauging heart rate.)

    Gone tier:

    Too many to list. :(
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    Re: Levels of Watch "Affection"

    First, and foremost, I am a WIS and I love all of my watches.

    If I had to categorize my watches there probably would only be two categories...

    1. Watches I love

    2. Watches that I love but I feel would be more appreciated by someone else so I give them away (I don't sell my watches).

    All of my watches are precious to me and the ones that hold sentimental value are most precious. My Maurice Lacroix and my Sinn U1 hold very special value as they were surprise gifts from my wife. Almost every other watch has a certain sentimental value as I can remember clearly the acquisition of each and how they came to be mine.

    My name is Bacari and I am a true WIS.
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    Levels of Watch "Affection"

    This thread makes me realize that I am too immature as a watch guy to know. While I love some, like some and have sentimental favorites, I just can't really classify any yet besides the sentimental ones. Maybe if I start flipping...

    Though I am starting to think I want to upgrade my Breitling...

    Not entirely sure what I'm collecting anymore....


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    Re: Levels of Watch "Affection"

    I would do unnatural things to the Omega Planet Ocean

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    Re: Levels of Watch "Affection"

    I'm pretty much on par with your classifications Doboji. At the moment I blend 1&2, but only because I haven't found a watch that falls into your cat. 1 yet. So

    Category 1: Watches with emotional attachment. Watches that I never plan to sell. They bring out a more subjective response from me, partially because due to their beauty/craftsmanship. Also because they carry some form of personal investment - like the amount of hard work I put into affording the piece. Or in honor of my dead grandparents, etc.
    Rolex SD - in honor of my grandpa and dad
    Omega SMP - perfect proportions (for me) and celebrates my promotion to full consultant
    Ball Fireman - first nice watch I bought (previous ones were gifts from parents)

    Cat 2: Watches with sentimental attachment. Similar to Doboji's Cat 3. Watches that I've either outgrown or never really liked aesthetically, but their significance outweighs the financial benefits of selling.
    These include the Tags I wore in high-school and the JLC Master Compressor my grandpa willed to me.

    Cat 3: Watches with objective attachment. Watches my left brain likes. So the positives tend to be more objective words (quality, bright lume, value, in-house movement, comfort) rather than subjective accolades (breathtaking, perfect). They definitely get wrist time, but also risk getting replaced due to their concrete positives (found a watch with better quality, lume, etc)
    Kadloo Match Race
    Victorinox DM500
    CW C6
    Zeno Pilot

    Cat 4: Watches I need. Watches I don't have much attachment to, but I need. My Intramatic falls here - I'm not a big fan of dress watches, but I need something that fits inside a suit. My Casio Edifice also fits here as my beater - I find the alarm/timer/stopwatch useful when travelling and I don't mind if it gets stolen at an airport.

    Cat 5: Obsolete watches. This is different from cat 6 which implies uncertainty if the watch is a "right fit." These are more watches that were a right fit and part of your rotation, it's just that you upgraded to something better - maybe a grail. And as such the piece has become redundant and needs to be unloaded - either to make room in your box or to fund a purchase that would see more wrist time.

    Cat 6: Watches I don't like. Didn't click with me from the start. Usually pieces that looked good online, but not on my wrist. Or experimental pieces - like the Android Ninja Throwing Star. Good value for money and solid build quality...but it was an attempt to see if 50mm would work on my wrist. It didn't so it got sold.

    Cat 7: Watches I'm so embarrassed about that I had to give them away or donate for raffle prizes.

    Note these are exceedingly rare nowadays - used to be stuff that I bought back when I didn't know any better and wanted to fill up my watch box as fast as possible. Now it's more bad presents I get from acquaintances who know I'm into watches.
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    Re: Levels of Watch "Affection"

    It must be exhausting to be you!

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    Re: Levels of Watch "Affection"

    Quote Originally Posted by bacari View Post
    2. Watches that I love but I feel would be more appreciated by someone else so I give them away (I don't sell my watches).
    **NOTE TO SELF** Must make friends with bacari, fast.
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