Liking my Fortis from TJMaxx, and my wife likes her...

Thread: Liking my Fortis from TJMaxx, and my wife likes her...

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    Liking my Fortis from TJMaxx, and my wife likes her...

    ellesse. "What is that?" you might ask. I wish I knew. All's I know is every instance I can find of that brand is on a european web page, and they don't seem to be for sale in the states, much anyway. UPDATE: Seems that ellese is a company from italy that made some sports apparel. The logo represents a tennis ball and ski tips. This model is from the prima line, called the Ski CH. On further research it seems they're based out of Hong Kong. Well, it may not be a swiss watch. I thought it said swiss movement on it someplace. Whatever. So I'm not sure how good the thing is, but it certainly is attractive in person, and unique, and since we had not seen one before, we sprung for it.

    The website calls it Rose Gold, but it looks much like copper, and my wife and I liked the nautical nature and carbon fiber face. They also had an ellesse diver with a green silicone band and face, but it did not appeal to my wife as much as this one did. It was not on clearance (shucks) so we got it for $276. I'll keep my eye out for another and see if there's a price drop I can get an adjustment to. But given they have not seen this one at other TJM's, it might not happen. So, Happy Mother's Day to my wife. And me, since this one looks good on my wrist too!

    As for my Fortis, I'm getting used the the heft of it, and I'm loving the simple style of it, easy to read, and so far it's been pretty accurate too. People I show it to like it. I left them hold it, and they tell me my left arm's gonna be stronger than my right before long. It weighs in at 145 grams.
    This is the one:

    I need to take pictures of our actual watches. I will at some point soon.

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    Re: Liking my Fortis from TJMaxx, and my wife likes her...

    Very nice watches ND.
    I had that model Fortis and mine was very capable as I'm sure yours will be.
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    Re: Liking my Fortis from TJMaxx, and my wife likes her...

    Why is it that I never see Fortis, Hamilton, etc... in the TJ Maxx' where I live??? The ones near me are filled to the brim with Sturling, Invicta & lots of mainsteam quartz

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    Re: Liking my Fortis from TJMaxx, and my wife likes her...

    ellesse was/is an extremely high end Italian fashion company that was very popular, especially in tennis attire, in the US in the 1980's...
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    Chris Evert likes Ellesse...

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    Re: Liking my Fortis from TJMaxx, and my wife likes her...

    I have seen an Eterna Kon-Tiki at my local TJMaxx amongst the slew of Invictas. But they were asking about $800, and there are many watches I want ahead of an Eterna (especially for $800).

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