Limes endurance GMT3? Any good, should I get a U1?

Thread: Limes endurance GMT3? Any good, should I get a U1?

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    Limes endurance GMT3? Any good, should I get a U1?

    Struggling and grappling with the issues of changing watches , If I was a millionaire then no problem, but like most of us it's one or two watches at a time. Recently had to send a U1 back, lume was poor and dust on the hands but I really like the simple design and the clarity of the bezel as I would use it for timing stuff, but, not keen on the play in the bezel and the dust/lume issue , I might go for another one - did I just have a poor one? (I have a Sinn 256 which is a great watch but I want something a little more robust with a gmt function and I also have a seiko diver which is simple and fairly bombproof)....having said that now thinking about the Limes endurance gmt 1000, for the same price as the U1 you get the gmt function and a 60 min up counting bezel but.........I I go for the little green fruit or the pull of the U1 hype...... or go for a Bill
    Cheers guys,
    Justin, Bedford, UK

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    Re: Limes endurance GMT3? Any good, should I get a U1?

    I can't make up your mind for you Justin, but I can confirm for you that the Limes are a very nicely made watch with a solid, reliable movement, at a remarkable price point. Limes are known for the quality of workmanship of dials and hands and it shows when you see one "in person" (not so obvious from photographs).

    I don't have an Endurance GMT 1000, but I am delighted with the dress Limes I have, the machining on the guiloche for example is equal to what I've seen on watches many times the price.

    Sooner or later people are going to catch onto these things, and they won't be as affordable any more. Oh well... I have mine!

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    Re: Limes endurance GMT3? Any good, should I get a U1?

    Hard to pick between them but I'd have to go with the Sinn. It's just a lot tougher watch. The Limes are very nice however and you couldn't go wrong buying one (I own 3) but they don't make quite the same statement as a U1.

    The Blackwaters are also really really nice. If you wanted a slimmer and wrist hugging case I'd look hard at them. You could have two for the price of one Sinn.
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