Liquid Courage and Vices a 2 part Question
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Thread: Liquid Courage and Vices a 2 part Question

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    Liquid Courage and Vices a 2 part Question

    What could have been afforded if not for your Vices? Your "Liquid Courage made me pull the trigger" Story?
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    Re: Liquid Courage and Vices a 2 part Question

    In short; probably a whole hell of a lot!

    My story: Loooooooooong time a go, it dawned on me that my then girlfriend was "runnin-a-round", so I promptly got drunk and emboldened by the "dutch courage" picked up the phone and asked out a girl, who would later become my wife and mother to my children....

    If I'd just had had the fortitude to stay single..... But then again, you really can't put a price on the true love....
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    Re: Liquid Courage and Vices a 2 part Question

    If it wasn’t for watches I could have had all sorts of things - like new cars and cruises. But I’d rather have a safe full of watches than a newer car. I don’t need any Dutch courage to pull the trigger as I can manage quite well with any liquid aid.
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