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    Looking for info on a Walker

    Hello All:
    Haven't been around lately due to some health issues but hopefully that is in the past.
    I recently came into possession of a tiny ladies' watch(15mm outside diameter)and am seeking some information regarding it.The maker's name is Walker and it also says,"17 rubis" and "Swiss" on the face. The back is stamped with a serial number(100xx)and also "18K 0.750" with a hallmark on either side of that.
    I took the back off and it did run for a bit but when I put the back on it stopped.I am sending it to a watchmaker friend tomorrow for a repair estimate.He hadn't heard of the name before so I thought maybe someone on the board might have.Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    I only paid $2 for it(along with 3 other watches)so I guess I can always sell it for scrap if it isn't economically feasible to repair it.I hope it is though as my wife likes it.
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    Re: Looking for info on a Walker

    Generally, ladies watches are not worth very much since there is little or no interest in collecting them - ladies don't collect much or, if they do, tend to be more interested in more complicated men's watches (technologically, ladies watches are pretty much alike and often only have hours and minute hands, no seconds hand, no date, no automatic winding....) and the men don't wear ladies watches and therefore don't colect them either. Even with an 18K gold case, the watch will be worth 100$ at the utmost and probably rather less than that. If it was a Patek Philippe or a Vacheron Constantin, or something similarly prestigious, matters would be different, but not that one, I'm afraid.

    Set against that, a service should easily cost you around 100$. So, the bottom line is: it's not worth repairing, even if it probably is very easy - at least on a profit basis. On the other hand, if you want a working watch for the wife that you aren't going to try to sell at a profit, you could do worse than get that one repaired. Ask yourself, what you are going to pay for a new mechanical ladies watch these days - it will certainly exceed 100$!!

    Hartmut Richter

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