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    Looking for just the right watch

    I know this must be a common question but I'd like to tap into your expertise...

    I currently own a Seagull 63 which I love. I also have a series of quartz watches by Skagen which have designs I think are really beautiful. Here's what I want in my next watch:

    $250 or less
    mechanical movement, automatic perhaps
    "aviator" look
    prefer not having one of the common well known brands, e.g. skagen, casio, citizen etc.

    Best would be to find out about a watch that looks great of a make I never heard of!


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    Re: Looking for just the right watch

    My suggestion would be to navigate to chrono24.com and punch your price range into the search feature. That would be much easier and quicker than a thread.
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    Re: Looking for just the right watch

    For your budget, I would stay with Seiko or Orient . They both offer great values. If you can stretch your budget a bit, check Maratac. Or if you don't mind buying used, check Watchrecon for Hamilton khaki pilot. You can get one for about $250 or less if you negotiate a bit.

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    Re: Looking for just the right watch

    Orient has a nice flieger/pilot watch.

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    Re: Looking for just the right watch

    Agree with the Orient Flight recommendation. Mine's been solid for the price.

    Ticino may be another one to try, through sizzlinwatches.com.

    You should probably also repost in the affordable forum for better suggestions.
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