looking for that perfect watch need help???

Thread: looking for that perfect watch need help???

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    looking for that perfect watch need help???

    so i havent yet spent "alot" of money on a watch. my most expensive being around 700 retail. I have been saving for something really nice. I always wanted a brietling but since its getting closer i have been leaning towards others. I search and search for the perfect watch but cant find it yet. i was looking for some ideas? the watch i buy must be tough! I will put insurance on it and wear it alot. here is the criteria.
    -diver or look like a diver?
    -big -- seiko monster size?
    -rubber strap? or ill change it to one
    -New hopefully not more than 3500.00
    -auto or quartz
    -easily serviced
    I really like the U1 and others that style if that helps. i know someone will say Doxa but i just dont like them.
    It would be nice to find something at an AD because if im spendin that much money i need to try it on first. and to get it serviced somewhat easily would be nice too.
    i know this leaves alot of choices. just hoping maybe someone will post something i havent seen yet!
    thanks for your time!!!!!

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    Re: looking for that perfect watch need help???

    In the 3,500 or less range you have a lot of choices.
    You can find some great deals here in the sales forum and might get two where buying retail one.

    Some great brands like Boschett, Zinnex, Hamilton is a good one to look into, also Oris, Debaufre.
    Anonimo is on my short list.

    Good luck with whatever you get.

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    Re: looking for that perfect watch need help???

    Have you looked at the large size Planet Ocean from Omega yet? It's many of the things you're describing.

    I'm going to find it and I'm going to destroy it. I don't know how yet. Possibly with dynamite. "

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    Re: looking for that perfect watch need help???

    you're looking for the perfect watch? and you're asking us?! my guess is that everyone of us here has more watches than they know what to do with! we're all looking for the perfect watch, then when we find it, we're looking for the NEXT perfect watch! welcome to the club!

    i've already wor three different watches today, and i'm at home working at my computer!

    oh yeah, i like the planet ocean too!

    it's a smiley sort of day.

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