Looking for a watch that i cant find

Thread: Looking for a watch that i cant find

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    Looking for a watch that i cant find

    hello everyone,

    this is my first post and i found this forum online and thought it would be a good place to ask a question...

    i am looking for a watch that i saw several years ago in a magazine...

    the watch had a stainless-steel circular face with triple diamond accents sticking out from the sides of the bezel. There were three groups of triple diamonds... each group was arranged in a triangular fashion... and the sillouette that was created by this design gave the watch face a triangular shape overall. the watch also had a black band. the face was more than likely white. I cant remember the brand.

    any help with brands that make these types of designs or a specific example of this watch would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much for the help!!!

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    Re: Looking for a watch that i cant find

    you described about a thousand watches. need more than a round watch with diamonds on the bezel and triangular. try and remember the magazine. that would help.

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    Re: Looking for a watch that i cant find

    As Yamahaki mentioned, the magazine may help. May guide us to high end lines or lower. Could be from Invicta or even Chopard watches. Just too many manufacturers to choose from. Good Luck!

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    Re: Looking for a watch that i cant find

    No clue at all.

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