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    Cool Lord Elgin & 1994 Goodwill Games Poljot

    We found this handsome Lord Elgin, plus a strange looking Russian, in Tacoma's "antiques row" last week. The shop had a July 4th half-off sale that brought the grand total to $85. A shake of the Elgin brought it to life.
    I was totally pleased with my good fortune ... until we got home. The date on the Elgin's little window has vanished! By next morning it had lost 20 minutes.
    (Reminds me of a ‘50s car-guy description a pretty but speed-challenged hot rod: "All show and no go.")

    Now on to the mysterious Russian.
    I was unable to locate any reference on WUS ... but here’s where the fun began.
    Desiree and I collect, and research the history of, daguerreotypes (the earliest photographs - The Daguerreian Society if you're curious), and we enjoy following intriguing leads to a conclusion.

    “CT. NETEP6YPR”, we learned, translates to St. Petersburg, and the cyrillic stamp on the back is “Poljot.” So now we had a location and a watch maker.
    But the date remained a mystery, and we decided it was probably commemorative ... but of what?

    A Google search provided just one significant event taking place in St. Petersburg during 1994:
    The Goodwill Games, created by Ted Turner to help thaw the U.S. & Russia’s chilly relationship.
    Sure enough, the logo on the back of watch matched that of the Games.

    We’ll grant that this is a cheap, touristy, souvenir watch - undoubtedly made in the thousands - to be instantly put away and forgotten.
    Nevertheless we’re glad to have it, because it symbolizes an important juncture in U.S. & Russian history.
    And July 23rd, 2014 will mark the twentieth anniversary of the contest!
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    Re: Lord Elgin & 1994 Goodwill Games Poljot

    See the Russian forum for more info on the Russian watch. The Elgin needs service which will likely cost more than you paid for it. It's a post-US Elgin so it will likely be hard to ID and be of limited collector interest. Looks like a 1970s model to me.
    The Poljot was likely made in Moscow. St Petersburg does have a watch factory but it makes watches under the Raketa brand.
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    Cool Re: Lord Elgin & 1994 Goodwill Games Poljot

    I sent the photos to a friend who's a multilingual translator, and here is his reply. Cool!
    (Maybe I hear more from Paul once daylight returns to Hawai'i...)

    Hi Alan & Desiree,
    The Russian watch looks like a winner, because people will by now have lost or broken most of a limited, numbered group.
    The brand reads Polet, pronounced Palyot, if my rusty Russian serves.
    The place name is indeed Sankt Peterburg, with the Sankt abbreviated, and below I can read, on the iPhone screen, Igri dobroe voli, which should literally mean Good Will Games. Dobroe utro is the greeting "good morning".
    I'll look into the longer word with my magnifier: it twice contains the shch letter (one Cyrillic for 4 roman glyphs !!!) that we find in the middle of Nikita's family name (only 6 letters in Cyrillic), but the light has gone at 7:41 pm.

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