Loved now hate and hated now love
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Thread: Loved now hate and hated now love

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    Loved now hate and hated now love

    Okay, what watch did you used to love and now hate?

    And which did you hate and you now love?

    Or styles, I suppose.

    I used to love the big Breitling chrono look. Now I hate it.

    I used to hate simple and plain. I now have a stowa sterile dial and a datejust stick indice. And watches I'm drawn to are the Tudor Ranger and jlc sector dial.

    Crazy how tastes change.

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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    I used to hate fluted bezels and cyclops magnifiers. Now I want to test drive a vintage datejust.

    I still love my Ranger and ETA Black Bay Blue. I guess the latter changed my opinion on rotating bezels.
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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    I never used to understand why people liked the Rolex Explorer II - now I'm hooked on the idea of adding a Polar version someday!

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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    Just happened to me recently. I never really liked fliegers but now I'm having no luck deciding between a couple Stowas.
    The one you've just posted has pushed me to the classic side but I can't stop looking at the TO2.
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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    When I first got into watches I was only really into the minimalist, dressy style. Now I refuse to buy a watch that doesn't have a functional complication/bezel.
    I never thought I would even consider a Rolex, as I saw their designs as bland and outdated. Thinking about it now, an Explorer, Explorer II, Ceramic Daytona, and GMT Master are all very tempting. For the future obviously, because I'm a college student and can't justify spending that kind of money when I have rent to pay.
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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    Used to never understand the appeal of the AP RO/ROO, then I started to love them.... now I like them, but don't think I could ever buy/wear one.
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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    if you mean wife,,,,ask me in an hour, then an hour later.

    never bought one that wound up hating. had some that i sold cause they were nice, but the profit was better.
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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    Love/hate relationships are the best.. no, wait they are the worst...
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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    I use to hate watches under that’s all I will wear
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    Re: Loved now hate and hated now love

    Loved Seiko sooooo much. Now I still love them, but not as fanatical as before.

    Hated Rolex sooooo much. Now I don't love the brand, but could love specific Rolex models with specific combinations as watches that I think look good and I enjoy looking at. e.g. I love some of their models with ice blue dial, e.g. Day-Date, Daytona, with certain hour markers, bezel, etc. combo. Love the color and look!
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