Luminox or Traser?

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    Re: Luminox or Traser?

    Quote Originally Posted by anubisathletics View Post
    I am looking at a Luminox or Traser Titamium watch and was curious about their construction. From what I have gathered they are pretty much the same thing, all being built by mb-microtech.

    However, I have heard that the bezel mechanisms of the Luminox are plastic, while the Traser has metal bezel mechanisms.

    Does anyone have information on the bezel mechanisms for Luminox or Traser?
    I have both a Luminox and a Traser H3. They are essentially the same quality wise. I personally prefer the Luminox only because I like the design better (which is all SS) and it has a larger case too. You cannot go wrong with either brand. I will be selling my Traser Navigator very soon since I just bought the Luminox.

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