Luxury Rubber straps?
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Thread: Luxury Rubber straps?

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    Luxury Rubber straps?

    when i wear a watch, i wear it beach parties, out in snow, while taking a shower, while sleeping etc.

    the leather straps just start wearing out on me...and steel bracelets just feel too heavy and uncomfortable for full time wear.

    rubber straps are best solution for me but wondering if they look cheap if worn with formals or at parties

    are there any watch brands or companies that make beautiful aesthetic rubber straps?

    something with classiness of leather and durability of steel bracelet?

    my current watch with rubber strap...does it look stylish or cheap g-shock types?

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    Re: Luxury Rubber straps?

    It looks classy for me. But it all comes down to how you pull it off. Luxury rubber straps IMHO is overrated, no matter what brand name you imprint on it it's still basically rubber.

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    Re: Luxury Rubber straps?

    First of all, that watch has nothing to do with classy or formal attire, so arguing about what kind of strap would go best with it is silly.

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    Re: Luxury Rubber straps?

    agree fully with your reasons in first two para, but what you want seems like a tall of both worlds? Ummm. . . Don't think so. Looks like you need 2 watches.

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    Re: Luxury Rubber straps?

    First of all, let's throw out the notion that a sports watch can't be worn at dressy or formal occasions.

    What people need to understand is that the accepted norms of formal wear are constantly changing. The standard tuxedo of today, for instance, was a radical (and very informal) departure from old-fashioned dress tails when it first appeared. The idea that the only watch that will do for formal wear is some thin 37mm number on leather is as silly and outdated as declaring that monocles should be worn in lieu of modern eyeglasses.

    Let's look to the royals. Traditionally it is royalty who have defined what constitutes formal wear. The prince of England was married in an Omega Seamaster for God's sake.

    The only time every rule of traditional (read "old fashioned") formal dress must be observed is when you're a child, quite frankly. Formal dinners at school, these kind of things. But that's because those events are much more about learning how to dress and comport oneself in formal company than actually doing so as an adult. Much the same way you always wrote out your math in algebra class, but as an adult, an architect isn't going to use a scribble sheet. You learn the basics, then when you have those down pat, you develop a sense of what is an absolute rule in modern society, and what is fashionably flexible.

    A large part of dressing for formal occasions as an adult is understanding what sort of a message you wish to send to others. Often a sporty watch may be an integral part of that message. For instance, let's look at a business weekend in the Hamptons. Somebody's party that evening, members of the board are there. You're gunning for a position. So your suit is impeccably tailored, showing your traditionalism, but your haircut is slightly down the neck, demonstrating youth and vigor. The watch is bold and sporty, indicating strength. The message may be that you know how to deal with the old guard, while at the same time you are full of new ideas, while possessing the strength and leadership to enact them.


    As for the watch above... The head is fine. However that rubber is a no-go for formal wear. Fast and loose rules there, stay away from lettering on a strap, or excessive sculpting of the surface. Like your gut told you, it's infantile. The Omega diver strap is about as sculpted as you want to go... A little scalloped shoulder action near the lugs, but basically a smooth rubber surface. A low key small-pattern texture may work as well... Chopard has some rubber straps that do this well. Rubber-B, a company which specializes in aftermarket straps designed for Rolexes has some nice low-key straps with presence. Sinn does an excellent smooth rubber strap. The newer Breitling rubber strap is nice and simple (not the older one with the ridiculous raised logo wrapping around the wrist). The Bulgari's with their segmented rubber straps also play well with formal wear... Some of those designs are so elegant that they buck the rule and have quite elaborately sculpted rubber straps which still look absolutely at home with formal wear...
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    Re: Luxury Rubber straps?

    What we call "Robber" is in fact 2 materials, if used on a strap
    Natural Rubber and Artificial Rubber (butyl rubber usually)

    You have also Silicone, a material that is softer and more flexible than the above materials.

    I too think they are overrated. I have found that a cheap-ish rubber strap ( Sinn) feels and wears thye same as a much more expensive one (Panerai)

    I have only experience from one Silicone strap, as worn by my son on one of his watches. It lasted 6 months before it started to crack, and it broke in half a couple of months later. It was on a Citizen watch.

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    Re: Luxury Rubber straps?

    Ball has a stitched rubber that I thought for sure was leather when i tried it on

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