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    Made in China on the Sly? ...

    Interesting issue as it relates to the recent discussion of what constitutes 'Swiss Made.'

    Made in China on the Sly
    Published: November 23, 2007
    "In fact, many luxury-brand items today are made on assembly lines in developing nations, where labor is vastly cheaper. I saw this firsthand when I visited a leather-goods factory in China, where women 18 to 26 years old earn $120 a month sewing and gluing together luxury-brand leather handbags, knapsacks, wallets and toiletry cases. One bag I watched them put together — for a brand whose owners insist is manufactured only in Italy — cost $120 apiece to produce. That evening, I saw the same bag at a Hong Kong department store with a price tag of $1,200 — a typical markup."

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    Re: Made in China on the Sly? ...

    The hard fact:

    Fully true for the watch industry. Specially bracelet and case production of watches has been sourced out to east asia. The higher the pricerange, the more probable the case has been made in europe.

    At the moment, the quantity of parts that are produced in Fareast is already decreasing: Many companies had big trouble, because their eastasian suppliers have had the machines running for them during daytime, and for the fakes during nighttime.


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    Re: Made in China on the Sly? ...

    The October 2007 issue of Watchtime had a good piece on what constitutes 'Swiss Made.'

    In June the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) "agreed to boost the percentage of total production costs on a mechanical watch made in Switzerland from 50% to 80% to qualify for the label 'Swiss Made.'" However, the FH president "expects it will take eight years before the new regulations are implemented."

    The current rules, passed in 1992, stipulate:

    The watch movement has to have at least 50% of the value of its components made in Switzerland

    The movement must be assembled and cased in Switzerland

    Final quality control of the finished watch must take place in Switzerland

    Between 1972-1992 the definition was even looser, and allowed watches cased overseas with a movement containing just 50% of Swiss parts to be stamped "Swiss Made."

    Interesting that the Swiss have a reputation for being fastidious and independent, yet they allowed such loose rules for their watches to be adopted.

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