Some weeks ago, I have started topic for looking android application for organize of watch collection (https://forums.watchuseek.com/f2/ther...n-1062778.html), but did not find anything, so I just ask to make some prototype of such application. I post it in old topic, but seems nobody take a look in it. So I decided to create separate topic.

Application currently have such fields:

-Date of purshase
-Case material
-Date of next maintainance

It allows just add list of watch and set next maintainance date. On this date, you will get notification in you phone.
Application you could get here:
Just copy file to phone and then click on via phone interface.

I want to continue to develop this application, but need help of community to create usefull and simple application, that will suits as many watch collectors as it can. Please, try it, give your point of view. I will be glad for any comments! Please, remember this is just a fast done prototype, so it could be errors in application.