The man who went deepest died yesterday

Thread: The man who went deepest died yesterday

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    The man who went deepest died yesterday

    Jacques Piccard the Swiss deep sea explorer who went deepest when hitting 10 916 m with his famous Batiscafo Trieste in 1960 died yesterday blissfully at the age of 86 surounded by his family.

    Mr. Piccard's craft took the a Rolex watch down to the deepest point of our planet. The watch fixed to the outside of the craft, however.

    May his soul rest in peace.

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    Re: The man who went deepest died yesterday

    I am sorry, it's terrible news

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    Re: The man who went deepest died yesterday

    An oldfashioned Explorer, one of the last!
    But let us not forget Lt Don Walsh, the other guy on that fantastic trip!
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    Re: The man who went deepest died yesterday

    Sorry to hear of the loss.

    Bit of trivia from a sci-fi fan: rumor has it that Jacques Piccard received a small tip of the hat from producer Gene Roddenberry of "Star Trek" fame when the main character of The Next Generation was named Capt. Jean-Luc Picard.

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    Re: The man who went deepest died yesterday

    "Terrible news" is when someone much younger who didn't have the chance to live and laugh dies - not someone like Piccard.

    Mr. Piccard lived life, took calculated risks, and taught anyone who cared to listen many, many lessons. Read "Seven Miles Down" and google his Ben Franklin mission. He lived life to the fullest and tonight, I'll toast his accomplishments.

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