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    Maurice Lacroix Authenticity - Please Help


    What a fantastic website.

    I have been looking for an affordable luxury (as opposed to fashion) watch for a number of weeks and I finally came across an eBay seller who had something that grabbed my attention.

    I am in South Africa and there is only one company that authenticates Maurice Lacroix watches and they are to far from where i am based to assist.

    I need some help from some experts like yourselves.

    The advertised model is LC-1017 SS001-120 (apparently manufactured 2003 or 2004)

    Les Classiques
    The back of the watch is stamped AJ 99393

    I am hesitant to pay for the watch and pay more to have it authenticated to find out i have been ripped off.

    my issue is that I cannot find this model ANYWHERE at all!!

    Please let me know if this model was even ever manufactured.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Maurice Lacroix Authenticity - Please Help

    Post moved. Public is the more suitable forum for your inquiry.
    Kind regards

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    Re: Maurice Lacroix Authenticity - Please Help

    Hard to tell much without a good picture, but there was an LC1017 model in their les classiques line. The only web picture I can find is a 2-tone with Roman numerals, but ML did sometimes market the same base model with different faces, metal color, and band. Otherwise it looks like the watch you're inquiring about, so I don't see red flags on that regard. As to the back of the watch, it looks consistent with an ML I have from about that period.

    I suspect that the automatic movement is an ETA 2824 or some variant. That, any watchmaker can check. If the movement looks doesn't look like an ETA, it probably a fake. I think that it's probably ok.

    But it looks like the watch was sold yesterday. So if you didn't buy it, it's gone. If you did buy it, my guess is it's real.

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