Mechanical vs Automatic?
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Thread: Mechanical vs Automatic?

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    Mechanical vs Automatic?

    While I am waiting for my biochem exam grade to come through so i could allow myself to buy hamilton auto chrono, something came to my mind.
    Why are swiss manufacturers so fixated on automatic watches? what is the point of an automatic watch?
    Isn't one of the reasons of owning a mechanical watch the fact that you are constantly involved with your watch?
    You wake up every morning, pick up your watch, wind it, put it on, repeat next morning.
    When I had auto i did the same exact thing, I missed the chirping of the crown, on Autos the wind is silent, and you can never tell if its wound enough or not, though i did feel slight resistance when it was wound.

    I just see it unnecessary, it makes a watch fat, makes you less involved with your watch, you never know how much wind it has, unless indicator
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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    Any automatic watch is a mechanical one.
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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    Assuming the title meant to be Manual vs Automatic....

    The point of having an automatic is that you DON'T have to wind it every morning as you did with your manuals, as wearing it for 6-8 hours will typically put the power reserve back to full.

    In terms of being "involved" in your watch, I guess that depends on how involved you want to be. A manual wind with complications like a perpetual calendar that has run out of juice would take some time to get all the complications set again. That's a level of involvement I'm not interested in.
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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    I suppose a similar question could be asked... "What's the point of an automatic transmission?"
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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    For lazy people. Like me!


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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    If you used to have a 'beatle', no more "rowing" in heavy traffic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Squirrelly View Post
    I suppose a similar question could be asked... "What's the point of an automatic transmission?"

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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    Op...Winding an Automatic is not smart, IMHO.
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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    Quote Originally Posted by KRANE View Post
    on Autos the wind is silent,

    Try a Breitling Super Avenger, put it on and give your wrist a flick and then hold still as quickly as possible, the momentum of that rotor will actually make the whole watch vibrate for a good 5 seconds and it feels like a little engine on your wrist. One of the weird little quirks of that watch I miss.
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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    Quote Originally Posted by little big feather View Post
    Op...Winding an Automatic is not smart, IMHO.
    Please expound - I'm dying to know why. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic. There's an awful lot of misinformation based on perpetuated myths on this site)

    You just made a VERY general statement. I don't want to hear that because one caliber (i.e.: ETA 2824) has an issue with manual winding that ALL automatics shouldn't be wound manually.
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    Re: Mechanical vs Automatic?

    If it's a watch you regularly use for diving (or you just want to keep out dirt by keeping seals undamaged), the less you unscrew the crown the better it is for the seals. If you wind it every day, you're putting wear and tear on seals every day. Automatic movements dramatically reduce the need to mess with the crown, especially if you wear it all the time.
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