Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch

Thread: Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch

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    Thumbs Up Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch

    10 year old boy, he had clear requirements too:
    Wanted to see the time, day and date all at once.

    So, I gave him my old Timex to see how it works out.

    After one day, he was very happy
    The Speedmaster is the only thing we took to the Moon that had no modification whatsoever Ė it was right off the shelf. Whatís interesting about my first one is that itís beat up, itís never been cleaned, itís never been repaired and to this day I can take that watch and wind it and it keeps time as well as the day I got it. And Iíve walked in space with it for two and a half hours and worn it on the Moon for over three days.

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    Re: Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch

    No Rolex Day-Date?

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    WIS in the making :D

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    Re: Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch

    A Swatch is good for that too.

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    Re: Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch

    Congrats Man...

    Brought a tear to my eye.

    I can relate... my boy turned 30 and started showing a genuine interest about 5 years ago. I got him a nice Aviator Poljot Alarm for his graduation.
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    That's a hairy arm for a ten year old !

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    Re: Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch

    nice to hear!
    Regards Cam

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    Re: Milestone - My youngest asked for a watch

    Nice to know that future generations still have an interest in watches. So many people are just too lazy to wear a watch now...cell phones have spoiled everyone. However...nothing beats the sophistication of looking at your wrist vs. pulling a phone out of your behind.

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