most number of uncommon metals in a watch

Thread: most number of uncommon metals in a watch

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    most number of uncommon metals in a watch

    This is somewhat weird, but can anyone think of a watch with the most number of uncommon metals (ie. iron in the form of steel, copper, nickel) in a watch? I stumbled upon this thought as I was going through the description of the Stowa Antea KS the other day, and read that the dial is silver coated, the movement is plated with rhodium, and the Stowa logo is in gold (is it actually gold?).

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    Re: most number of uncommon metals in a watch

    Here is the humble Invicta Tungsten Diver. Mother of pearl dial + tungsten case + tungsten and ceramic bracelet. It sh*ts on rhodium plated anything

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    Re: most number of uncommon metals in a watch

    How about the Rado Diastar/Original?

    Tungsten case, gold plated movement, steel case back and bracelet, and titanium clasp. You can even get them with diamond markers which adds Carbon (which I know, I know, is not a metal but I found worth mentioning anyway).
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    Re: most number of uncommon metals in a watch

    Definitely Tungsten as said above..

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    Re: most number of uncommon metals in a watch

    Most of your best movements are rhodium plated with gold plating for the large gears, balance and engravings....

    The next step down in movements substitute nickel plating for rhodium, but keep the gold plated parts.

    The lesser movements are just completely gold plated.

    The other exotic alloys found in a watch movements are Glucydur, a beryllium-bronze and Elinvar/Nivarox/"white metal" springs.


    Not tungsten, but tungsten carbide, which is technically not a metal but a ceramic....
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