Mr. Romers' Rule #8...
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Thread: Mr. Romers' Rule #8...

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    Mr. Romers' Rule #8...

    Dear Mr. Romers,

    1st of all I want to personally thank you for this fine site, it has given me many hours of enjoyment and will in the future I am sure.

    I just noticed this at the top of the forum and read it. I feel this is a big injustice and probably brought about in light of current events - which is a real shame. Both the events and the repercussions that came and will continue to come from it. Being from my part of the US (Western), guns and knives are another form of expressing ones self and not in a violent manner. I have collected both for many years and have to say they are as much of an art form as many of the watches shown on this site. I am an avid target shooter of rifles, shotguns, and handguns and feel this was just another unnecessary move against people such as myself.

    I have a lot of very tasteful pictures of my watches displayed next to some very beautiful knives, guns or both. I am very sorry that you feel this way and would hope that you take it under serious consideration to re-think your stance on this.

    Best Regards and a Prosperous New Year to You Sir,
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    Re: Mr. Romers' Rule #8...

    Theres plenty of knife and gun forums to show off your knives and guns on.
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    Re: Mr. Romers' Rule #8...

    Something tells me this would probably have been more properly addressed via PM....
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    Re: Mr. Romers' Rule #8...

    Rules are not a topic for discussion in the forum. Or did you not read the Rules?
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