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    Multiple reminding watch

    I'm in need of a watch that is able to remind me the time more than once in a day with one arrangement.

    Like, i need to medicate myself a dozen times in a day, but have a remembering problem (Diabetes)

    Do you know any particular models or brand that are capable of??
    Thanks to the contributers.

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    Re: Multiple reminding watch

    Have you thought of going digital? I'm new to the "G" world, by purchasing my first Atomic/Solar Powered G-Shock. This model has 4 alarm settings with one snooze alarm for I guess a total of 5 alarms (still learning about this watch...LOL). First watch I've owned that comes with a learning curve...

    G-Shock GW7900B-1

    If something like this may be of interest, you could post your question in the G-Shock boards. Because there could be other models which have more alarm settings that I'm not aware of.

    Good Luck,


    Btw not sure what you're budget is, but this model is priced at $150.00 + shipping through Amazon. They also have a variation of this model at $100.00 + shipping, as well as other different models for under a $100.00 dollars.
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    Re: Multiple reminding watch

    Kind regards

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