My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk
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Thread: My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

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    My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

    So for Christmas I got this awesome timepiece.….the G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk. I bought a P52 Dzik diver from G Gerlach 3 years ago and have been very happy with it. I love how all of their watches are based on military history and how much pride they take in their country(Poland) and it’s history. I’ve had my eye on this Hawk for the last year or so and decided it was time to pick one up and I couldn’t be happier. Here are the specs:

    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Water resistance: 100 meters.
    Screw down crown.
    Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflecting coating inside.
    Automatic SeaGull ST2542, class AAA, with hacking, hand winding.
    Sub-second and power reserve hands.
    Steel case (ST316L) in Black PVD
    Power reserve: 48 hours
    Strap width: 20mm

    General impressions:
    - At 40mm it’s one of my smaller watches….my sweet spot is between 42 and 45mm generally but this watch seem perfectly sized…not too big or small and very comfortable on the wrist.
    - Very legible and easy to read face…the jet-black background with white pilot style hands is to view at a glance. The top dial is the power reserve and the bottom is a small seconds dial…love that the tip of the arrow on each indicator is red…I’m a known fan of black and red so little touches like that just plain make me happy. In the middle of the dial on the left is a stylized G Gerlach monogram and on the right is the word Jastrzab…the polish word for Hawk, which in this case is referring to PZL.50 fighter aircraft, developed during WWII. I DIG IT ALL!
    - Love the black PVD…I’m a big fan of all black watches so this on is also in my sweet spot..the case seems very well made and so far the PVD is showing no scratches. Then again…I’m pretty careful with my watches so the chance of it actually getting scratched are low.

    - On the back of the watch is etched picture of the actual P52 aircraft…very nicely done and something I think looks really sharp. If I can’t see the movement then I’m very happy to see this instead.

    - The crown winds easily and also has the G Gerlach monogram etched on it…a very nice detail.

    - The strap it came with is brown/dark olive green and has a monogrammed black buckle. It looks great and is very soft and comfortable. I also bought a black/red strap from Panatime for this as I like how it ties together the black/red on the face. No pics on that til I put it on.

    - So far it’s just like my other G Gerlach and keeping GREAT time…so far only gained 10 seconds in 2 days….the top end movement from Seagull is solid by my estimation.

    - Lume is ok…not great but not bad at all either.

    I somehow missed that Chris from G Gerlach gives Watchuseek forum members 10% off and when I emailed him a few days after the order was put in he credited me back the discount with no problem at all. That was extremely cool of him and it’s little stuff like that that makes me a customer for life. If you’re thinking about getting any one of the G Gerlach line(they have a A LOT of others I like) don’t hesitate…such a great value for the money it’s ridiculous.

    All in all I’m a happy guy. This will likely be my last watch for a bit…my collection is pushing 45 now and I think that’s about the most I want to have. I’m not a flipper so all of them are all pretty much keepers…each one gives me a lot of happiness and they all have good memories associated with them. And I love having a different watch to wear every day…spice of life is variety and all that...ha ha. And now I’ve got one more. On to the pics!

    Thanks for looking as always,

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    Re: My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

    Looks like a nice sporty wear. Congrats on your new arrival!
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    Re: My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

    Congrats! Wish i was as lucky...

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    Re: My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

    A really good looking watch sir, Merry Christmas!!!
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    Re: My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

    Congratulations, another winner from them. I have a M/S Batory and just got the Otago. Agree with you on all points about the company. Enjoy.

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    Re: My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

    Looking good! How big is your wrist? I have a 6.5" wrist and based on your comments guessing yours is 7 1/4" which may make this 40mm too large for me (even though that is the size that seems to fit me best). Pics make that watch seem to fit you perfectly.

    What other G Gerlach do you have?

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    Re: My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

    It's a great looking watch! I have one as well and am very pleased with it. Wear it in good health.

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    Re: My Christmas gift addition- G Gerlach P.50 Jastrzab/Hawk

    Very nice one. Congrats!!

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