My first 2 tone.

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    My first 2 tone.

    Hey Everyone,
    For a while now ive been thinking about trading up my Rolex GMT Master for a Sub C. I dont use the GMT function so the Sub would be perfect for me. More recently ive been thinking more about a 2 tone Sub,,, preferably the blue dial/bezel variety.
    Ive never tried one on and just by chance i saw a 2 tone watch for sale on Ebay. I was thinking i could buy a watch similar to the Sub to get an idea if i would like the gold and stainless.
    A few days ago i won the watch i own now at a very good price. A Longines Hydroconquest. I got it pretty cheap and it arrived in a bad state. Very dirty and badly scratched. I spent a few hours on friday afternoon cleaning it, refinishing the stainless steel and polishing the gold. I think it looks a whole lot better now and i like it although there are a few things im not too keen on. I cant get a perfect fit on the bracelet. There's no half links and not enough adjustment on the clasp so its either too loose with an added link or slightly tight with a link out. Ive heard you can get half links but with this being a discontinued model they are impossible to source. Also the bracelet doesn't taper. But maybe thats just me after wearing and getting used to the GMT's tapering bracelet.
    Well, ive worn the watch for over a day and yes i like it and after trying the Longines i would definately get a 2 tone Sub but in blue. It wont be a new watch for a while so happy to have the Longines until i get the watch i want.
    Some pics of the Hydro.......


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    Re: My first 2 tone.

    Nice looking watch, and a good way to decide if two tone works for you.
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